T.I.’s legal team filed motions in Atlanta’s Federal Court on Tuesday (November 20) that seek to suppress evidence and statements that they believe were obtained illegally. According to the Associated Press, Tip’s lawyers claim that the vehicle he was driving during his arrest on October 13 was searched without a warrant or probable cause, and that statements he made to ATF agents may not have been voluntary. The motions also suggest that the rapper’s detention may not have been legal, and the arresting agents could have violated his rights. Further details about the challenges were not available; however, Tip’s attorneys say that they intend to file additional motions.

In related news, T.I.’s Grand Hustle K.I.N.G. Foundation will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner for those in need at Club Crucial in Atlanta on Thursday (November 22). Additionally, 400 turkeys will be donated to the Atlanta Parks and Recreation Center for families in the area. Earlier this month, T.I. petitioned a federal judge to allow him to host Thanksgiving dinner for his family at his home, but later withdrew the request amidst objections from prosecutors. Due to his current home incarceration, he will be unable to attend the charity event.