Miami based Slip-N-Slide Records, home to artists such as Plies and Trina, has inked a new recording deal with Orlando based MC Wes Fif. The agreement is a joint venture with the Clientell Music Group, to which Wes is currently signed. The 22-year old alumnus of XXL’s Show & Prove column, which showcases up and coming talent, has created a steady buzz for himself over the past year with two mixtapes from popular Sunshine state DJ’s Billy "Bigga" Rankin and DJ Smallz. "Being a Florida cat, Slip-N-Slide has always been in the forefront of our music scene, and continues to do so today. I think it was kind of common sense on both sides. I'm the hottest indie nigga in the streets. They're the hottest label with direct access to mainstream, it's a no brainer. I'm going to continue doing what I do, making hot music," Wes Fif said in a statement. Although his debut LP, Get Money Guidelines, is still without a release date, his street single “Like Me,” is currently enjoying heavy rotation and an official single is scheduled for December. "I'm just strapped in and ready to go brah, locked and loaded,” said the rapper. “My immediate team that has been by my side all along is ready, just gone get in this lab cook up some fire. Get this single out and work the streets, be as visible as possible. Ain't nothing changed, just the machine is stronger."