RUMOR: Foxy Home By Christmas?

When Rolling Stone went to preview Foxy’s new album Brooklyn’s Don Diva, which is being released in February by Black Hand/KOCH, they caught a few minutes with her new manager, Chaz Williams. Since September, Foxy has been serving a year on Rikers Island, and she has been in solitary confinement since October 23 after being involved in a scuffle. Despite the fact that she is scheduled to be in solitary confinement until January, and in Rikers until well into 2008, Chaz has told Rolling Stone that he has filed for Foxy’s early release and hopes that she will be home in time for the holidays.

CLICK HERE to read Rolling Stone’s full account of Foxy’s album preview.

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  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    Hope not

  • AzRealAsDeyCum

    solitary confinement my ass…protective custody is more like it…but that’s where she needs to be…people will fuck with her just cause of who she is…

  • Khayan


  • Shacky G

    fa yall fools dat talk shit bout Foxy, stop and try to think of a lady rapper dat can fuck wit her lyrically,…YOU CAN’T REALLY THINK OF ANY,…SHE JUST NEED TO STOP WIT THE DUMD DECISIONS

    • Moniker

      MC Lyte

    • Worley

      Ya wilin’. Rah Digga and Remy Ma will eat her and her ghostwriter’s lunch, unless she starts breaking Jay off again.

    • TGutta

      Foxy is the best hands down. She had Jay to write her songs whe she was what 15 16 years old. Who would not let Jay write a rhyme for them. Like Foxy said so what he write some rhymes I blew it up the same. No female is messing w/ Fox, Kim and Remy are the closest.

  • Shakaree

    when fox starts writng her rhymes she’ll get props as a rapper, she only spits shit that was written for her check her album credits Jay, Nas, Shyne all wrote for her

  • JaeStylez

    let the wack bitch rot..remy would swallow her

  • CEE


  • killa

    who cares

    rem would body this tired

  • Ryons..

    fox broke it down with them tracks wit da gangsta mavado.

  • fireforreal

    Come on dude Foxy fell off before she started making dumb decisions,her best shit she ever spitted Jay wrote for her now she’s trying to be ultra thug.She would get eatin by Remy any day and shit even charli baltimore would get in foxy’s ass now a days fuck it even fergie.

  • Anon

    lol @ fireforreal.. fergie??

    oh yu guys need to look up foxy.. there is no one as raw as her.. show me a bitch that spit as crazy as she did on aint no nigga (WHICH SHE WROTE EVERY MOTHAFUKKIN WORD JAY SAID IT HIMSELF AND JAY HAD TO STOP HER CUZ SHE WUDDA KEEP GOING), I shot ya, Affimitive Action, Ill Na Na 2 The Fever [Open Book, Now I lay Me Down To Sleep, Bk Made me], Broken Silence [classic album]…

    Where is you guys logic? Jay wrote six songs off her debut album and thats it. everything else has been all hers.


    LOL @ y’all screaming for her autograph during the broken silence era, but now switchin it up and say she’s wack..Fickle fags y’all are These chicks ain’t seeing her.. BOTTOM LINE. NOW DEAL.

  • mark

    foxy is the illest period.. and you guys CANNOT take it.

    CHoke && DIE.

  • Rednose pit bull

    if her bitch ass gets out that early,then im gonna snap! thats bullshit,when u get introuble in jail,and then get disipline action in jail,you dont get out early! thats bullshit,this bitch had plenty of chances,she fucked up too bad now she needs to do her time and stop crying..and all of u out there defending here,get a fucking life,u dont even know her,and she dont know u and if she did,i doubt shed give a fuck about u