RUMOR: Flipmode Squad Leaves Busta, Changes Name

In a recent interview with HHNLive, Flipmode Squad’s First Lieutenant Rampage is claiming that he and three other members of the original Flipmode Squad are severing ties with founder Busta Rhymes. “Rah Digga, Baby Sham, Spliff Starr, and myself. We just changed the name of the group and it’s now called FMS…FMS stands for Famous Millionaire Squad,” says Rampage, who is also Busta’s cousin.

In addition to Rampage, Rah Digga, Baby Sham and Spliff Starr, Flipmode’s original lineup included Lord Have Mercy, who left the crew in 2000. Since then, Busta has added new members like Labba and M. Dollaz. It’s unclear at this time if Busta will continue Flipmode without any of the original members.

CLICK HERE to read HHNLive’s full report on their Rampage interview.

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  • BURD

    WHO CARES – these guys should have left in 2000.


    dont get me wrong i used to love these guys. but there time has passed.

    M.Dollarz is sick tho!


    LOLOL, Busta is barely holding on through solid guest verses and one solid album in the past 5 years, how the fuck did he expect to put his no-talent asshat squad on? I thought Flipmode was a gay name, but Famous Millionare Squad is even gayer.

  • Young Deuce aka Princinnati

    The only person that did anything really out of Flipmode was Busta anyway. I didn’t even know all of their names. Rah Digga never blew like she was supposed to, Spliff Starr is a glamorized hype man. Without Busta they will be even less known than they already are. Busta has Papoose on his label who is hotter than everybody who left anyway so he won’t stress them leaving. Real talk….

  • dru

    wow im tha first now

  • jp

    ummmm who cares? most people dont even know or care who flip mode is, in fact i might be the only one thats heard of em. busta is better off not having to worry about them and concentrate on his ish so he actually come out with a decent album

  • http://xxlmag TEXASNEWYORKER

    new york new york,big city of dreams,everthing in new york aint always what it seems…..this is why hip hop is dead because new york artist aint gettin spins no more, all the great crews are in conflict over “money” and “shine”(exposure for all that dont understand hip hop venacular).my opinion though is, dont blame it on a region,blame it on your local dj that spins that @$#! somebody has to be listening to it if its on the radio?to all the rappers that are so fire (saigon,papoose,cassidy,tru life,etc.)why they dont move with the times?they all sound alike and rap is about delivery.i mean (fat joe,50,camron,jay z,wu tang,nas)dont have a hard time sellin in the south or the west.whats really good?


      It’s called marketing. Saigon, Papoose, etc. they don’t have the proper marketing. Plus, they rap about real thoughtful topics. Not too many people want to hear that right now. I don’t mind because it’s some good quality music. But, most people don’t want to be reminded that the struggle still exsist. I guess they just want to dance it away! But the blame is not all on NY. It has a lot to do with them big wigs who sit up in the “BIG” office calling the shots.

      • http://xxlmag TEXASNEWYORKER

        i dont like the term hater but ill say this if you a true hip hop fan,you’ll know that “rap” is different from “hip hop” so dont hate these brothas thats makin money and sellin records.”rap” is a business and “hip hop” is a culture or a way of life.”rap” is where whites have found a nuetral zone and hip hop is the “truth” that they are not comfortable with.rap has takin over because people want you to “talk” to them and they want know what its like where you from.this is for the youth now and they dont want hip hop its too “preachy” too many rules.i was bless to come up in the golden age of hip hop but now its up to the youth to decide???jus glad to see any brotha makin money im a “congradulator”

  • poe young

    thats crazy i always love them i wish them the best

    if u want the latest hiphop news go to

    and leave ur comments

  • Billy Sunday’s Father

    Add them to the list of people who say Busta has been slowly goin crazy….

    its hard to act hard all the time…and we all saw what steroid addiction does…Chris Benoit anyone….

  • og bobby j

    busta and pap dont fuck wit each other no more….pap and slay do they own thing now….busta they aint fuckin with busta no more

  • dyoung


  • krb

    that’s fuck up that spliff left! he was the best hype man ever

  • ri067953

    Yo, they better think of another meaning for FMS. None of the members are really famous and I highly doubt that they are millionaires.



  • jburg

    Hell i didn’t know they were ever a group! I thought they were just a crew? Naw, for real this is irrelevant. They are past their day, and Busta was the only star in the group anyway.

  • CHI-C

    Will spliff still be in all of Busta’s videos? He’s a funny dude.


    Famous Millionaire Squad LOL




  • houston’s finest

    i didn’t know ANY of them niggas was famous

  • NIG


  • Mayor of the D

    Fuck these niggas… I wouldve done the same shit Busta did. These lame dudes!!!!

  • JollyRench

    Flipmode Squad is such a joke, wasn’t Rah Digga the same scrub who said that he created DIPSET. Busta really isn’t that good either, I don’t understand why he comes with so much energy and no skills at all.

  • Worley

    Rah Digga needs to stay solo or link up with Remy Ma. It’s curtains for these strippers turned rappers.

  • Casper

    To all of you saying ‘who cares’, fuck yall. It ain’t always about buzz. If I hear a good/great song, then that artist has my attention.

    That’s the problem with the buying-public; too many ignorant people with no taste or musical sense

    Same folks dropping their jaws and fainting when they see a celebrity

  • iNfAmOuS

    umm…NOO! FMS stands for FlipMode Squad, but actually calling it that would be copyright infringement. lol

  • Killa cKali

    Spliff a dumb muthafucKa…

  • Vicious Seiger

    This whole crew has been in Limbo for so long that I thought they disbanded. Rah and Rampage were the only two with solo projects and both nearly came out a decade ago on Elektra. Rah had mild success but caught alot flack over her deep voice. Rampage on the other hand just had dismal sales. It’s sad to see things go this way but I guess I would be mighty pissed if I had to sit in the shadow of my main man forever. The new name sucks and to tell the truth sometimes it’s time to let go of the dream and just move on with life. The most exposure they got was with that song with Mariah Carey and Busta and even that really didn’t further their careers much. Guys just let it go, The good old days are over.

  • steph

    But what is Busta without Spliff? Or Spliff without Busta? I understand that they are bnot going anywhere careerwise as they don’t seem to get a lot of support. But go seperate ways completely???? And the name is crap. But I’m waiting or a new Rah Digga album cuz girl can spit fire

  • dotheyknowtheywack

    I thought they was all corny from the door- look at em. Artistically nothing to write home about at all- only Busta who gets props for being a creative individual. Rah Digga can spit but she always seemed kind of fake and lame – like if I knew her in real life she look like you could beat her up, like she get high or something- like she wack. She’s talented though- she just is too wack for me to listen to.


    The Flipmode crew had their time,,,,,,,,,its definitly gonneeee,,,,but hey with all do respect FLIPMODE WAS BUSTA RHYMES,,BUSTA RHYMES WAS FLIPMODE,,,,,,,Spliff whoo ??? LORD HAVE ???…ramp whoo ????,,,,it doesnt matter if yourall rebrand,,,,,,RAHDIGGA SHOULD LEAVE THAT DEAD HORSE GROUP AND GO SME OTHER RECOGNISE LABEL CAUSE SHE GOT SKILLZ FOR DAYZZZ,,,,,,

  • FlipMo

    Spliff is really loyal, and actually has a few good tunes that deserved more attention than they got, bc Bus has been keeping him down for years. Bus hates on everyone around him, especially those closest to him. He is a fat, steroid addicted, bi-polar pr*ck and he’s a closet homo to boot. F*ck Busta!! Even tho he was the most famous one in the group, they ALL left him. He didn’t leave them. What does that tell you?

  • Anonymous

    It tells me a)This story is 3 yrs. old. b) Rampage’s first album was decent 13 yrs ago or whatever,has average skills(Big cuz put em on!)Rah’s nice but how she ever gonna get big numbers,Lord Have was/is weak, Spliff ain’t never leavin’ Busta stage show, and is now the only one that actually has something coming out. The Flipmode album was the shit though. In the mean time, Busta’s collabin’ wit, Pharrell/neptunes,Swizzy,Primo,dre,timbo,qtip etc. for the new ELE2, so his “steroid addicted closet homo ass” is still relevant……….