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    Put ya motherfucking W’s Up!
    Witty Unpredictable, Talent All Natural Game

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  • dc


  • Da Kid

    Da Return of the WU!!! shut these snapping niggaz up wit dat REAL hip-hop.

  • Capostatus

    These niggas fell off a decade ago. U old skool loving dick suckers better move to the South were things are nice and slow so u can cope. I am over these old ass losers wanna come back just cause they broke and tryna cash in with their garbage. G-unit, Dipset is hip hop and that’s that faggots. There is no south take over and the west coast been dead since 2 Pac. Nigga what? U know its true cause i said so. Ya Dig? Smell me?

    • Ak

      You’re a fucking moron. Everything you said was wrong, I didn’t think it was possible but you managed to pull it off. I’m from the South by the way incase you try to pull that card.

    • Young Kali

      Nigga shot the fuck…… up…..

      These is Young Legends in da game, and as

      long as they can’t be out rhymed they

      can’t be side lined. Where

      I’m from if a man can’t be moved….He

      stays .The reason Nobody ever try to get

      famous, and go at Da Wu is because they

      don’t want to get lost…….Nigga keep it

      real neither G-Unit or tha Dips would be

      able run with or as long as tha Wu. With

      banging tracks Ya could take tha

      best rappers from G-unit, the Dips or down

      south, I bet GZA,Meth or Killer Priest

      would body em.

      I could here the leather bags zipping up,

      right now my nigga.

  • Dr.Sperm

    I just can’t download that shit!!!
    Fuck that.

  • Loud Admin

    if you want to download the entire thing, it’s an 88MB download – all you have to do is register with and you’ll get access to the direct download link.

  • Ghost Deini

    It’s OK. Most of the shit is old. I need that fucking album.

  • Goner

    You can’t download it because Steve Rifkind is desparate for people to register to

  • clammy claude

    people like Capostatus make me laugh so hard. They are so ignorant (“not knowing”) of what rap/hip-hop really is. people like him just don’t get that if it wasn’t for wu there prolly wouldn’t even be a fuckin g-unit or w.e. dude u honestly r one of those types that no matter what u say to em or let em hear or guide em they r never gonna realize. your taste in music is prolly corny ass, over-gangster, commercial shit with no emphasis on production or nothin. u just make me sick ..u just dnt know tf ur talkin about….wu never fell off….ever…and they never will….they have sold more records with one cd than all of g-units total sales combined….ur just comcial dude…ppl like u r just funny lol for real

    • Wu Clanman

      fuckin right brother. This dumb ass thinks Wu fell off a decade ago. What a fuckin clown ass mutha fucka. He’s probably jackin off to a Tony Yayo poster right now. Legends never fall off. Wu changed the game forever, and RZA is by far the greatest talent hip hop has ever known. Capostatus is by far the biggest dumb ass fan hip hop has ever had. Probably ain’t never even heard 36 chambers or any Wu album for that matter. I feel a little dumber just for having read his comment. Dipset and G Unit. What a fuckin queer. And who the hell says “smell me.” I can smell you from Texas faggot and you smell like you went south, south on somebody’s dick. What an asshole. This “Capostatus” obviously doesn’t even know what hip hop is. He’s one of those corny N Sync loving fucks. Fuck him. I don’t even want a piece of shit like that to like the same music as me. Go suck Banks dick some more homo then let Cam hit you in the ass one more time you fuckin idiot.


    WU TANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rubyspirit


  • Dark prophet

    The Wu is like a drug…The moment you tasted it you will find yourself addicted to the whole family tree….The Wu is coming through…

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  • king eqaulity victorious

    Yes about time I need some real hiphop in my life Niggas is still bighting that wutang format listen to all these fake rza clones out here

  • av

    the horn/keyboard melody in the W remix is dope.

  • D.R.A.M.A

    “THE ABDUCTION” is raw as fuck

  • f0n3

    Ayo the old clan shyt iz better than all this new shyt coming out still 2 this day…… this new album is gonna give hiphop a kickstart….. 2 bad there is only 1 rza or the game would be different……. enjoy this wu shyt now cuz when its all sed n done the future is grim

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  • Iris


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