Pharrell Opens BBC/Ice Cream Store In NYC

Japanese fashion designer Nigo and producer Pharrell Williams celebrated the U.S. grand opening of their flagship Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream store in the Soho section of Manhattan last night. Located on 456 West Broadway, the colorful line of clothing and sneakers is a reflection of Pharrell’s signature style. “I’m a student of the game. Nigo has shown me a lot and I’ve learned a lot from Marc Jacobs,” Pharrell told XXL at the opening. “We wanna make sure that [the line] is top notch.” Skateboard P says he plans to expand the franchise with a store Japan within the near future.

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  • H.O.Holla

    1st cocksuckaz……..gotta get he got some wild shit n there.

  • DevilintheFlesh

    who gives a fuck. pharell is whack as a producer and is just biting the BAPE style.

  • ill_fittin

    yeah… i’m sure he & Nigo (remember its ‘their’ company) are biting bathing ape… i’m sure the guy who does bathing ape, whoever that is, is rolling in his grave…

    • bob

      it is a partner of bape

    • bob

      if u guys could aford it u wouldent be saying its ugly

    • http://bbc/ ike

      the guy that created bape is also the guy that designs pharrells company and he is still alive dumass!! just cuz you cant afford it and obviously know nothing about it doesnt mean you have to hate on the ballers that do

  • what a snob

    theres sumthin so gay and pretentious about the ‘billionaire boys club’. why wud u name ur company that?? boys only?? lolololol…this guy is like the harvey milk of rap…the leader of the fruity loop homo gang that has infiltrated rap culture…running around in their colorful queer gear that costs $5000..get the fuk outta here!!

  • T Browne

    Nigo Owns Bathing Ape, so he biting himself???

  • jojo

    bbc/ice cream is way better then bape
    the only prolem is that clothes is expensive
    100 dollars for a damn ice cream tee

  • trayy369

    You dumb f*$Ks, Nigo is Bathing Apes creator.
    Pharell had enough sense to cop the mans flavor and create something we could all wear.

  • the genius

    Hey genius y’all probably too dumb to know this but BAPE and BBC Icecream coincide with each other. Nigo works with both BAPE and BBC Ice Cream. Thats why they are somewhat similar in styles

  • ill_fittin

    first… bwahahahahahha chumps

  • Mike Patch Fortworth,TX

    $120.00 for a t-shirt. I’ll pass. Have to be at least a thousandaire to afford ugly attire.

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  • QUIS


  • Toe Brown

    That shit is ridiculously HIGH!! Niggas is broke these days. lmao

  • britsh B

    You lot need to come over here its standard £100 – £250 for jeans never mind a t-shirt over here & that was 2000 when evisu was the shit. They jockin the european style but its cool just a lil bit expensive for a average label aramani, cp, ettiene osaki yeh but nt bbc. They need to get the clothes out first then raise the price.

  • severalthousandaire boys club maybe

    bilionaire boys club huh??
    pharell is not a billionaire!! nigo aint no billionaire!! and no billionaire wears BAPE or any of this shit!! lol…shit is pathetic

    • Shade

      Its just a name, doesn’t mean shit. Roc-a-fella billionaires, but they not billionaires….jay is only half way.

  • Bitches

    all you haterz need to shut the fuck up. your all just jealous because you can’t afford this shit. BBC/Ice Cream and Bape have unique styles that are better than any mall brand. They are also made from High Quality materials and are not made in a shop in China, they are made in Japan, they are also highly exclusive. that is why they are expensive.

    This is like saying, who would buy a $50,000 car when you can get a car for $10,000? They both get you from Point A to Point B. Just that the more expensive one has more style, is more luxurious, and is quality made and won’t break down after a year of driving it. SAME GOES FOR BBC AND BAPE. god fucking dammit you guys are retarded.

  • JonN.Y.C.

    ill fittn?
    how ignorant can u be? lmao
    as sed earlier
    Nigo made bape!!
    so he aint rolln in his grave, hes embracing tha grand opening of Bbc n works with pharrell !!
    I never seen so0 many haters on 1 blog spot
    obviously those who complaining are bummies who cnt afford bape nor bbc
    so stop crying n whyning
    juz leave tha site
    n get ur lyfe together
    n um nigo pretty dam rich
    so multi millionair wuld be better?
    dum asses

  • therealenglishgangster

    you wad up im from united kingdom and i aint rich but man i wear bbc ice cream like its nike but ovi it aint its luxury clothing so why you haters going crazy you dudes are jsut hatin couse u cant afford it go to and by some fake bbc ice cream bape u broke bitches !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the they hook me up like its nothing so holla back the real bbc ice cream coppers

  • Holla

    Yo Pharrell Is Tight..And I’m Pretty Sure He Owns Part Of The Bape Company So He Aint Bitting Anything.

  • Anonymous

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