New Clue Emerges in Jam Master Jay Slaying

The unidentified gunman who murdered Jam Master Jay in his Queens recording studio had a tattoo on his neck according to a witness account that was recently made public. In an exclusive interview with the New York Daily News, Jay’s friend and business partner Ray Allen revealed the clue to the public for the first time. Allen’s sister, Lydia High, worked at the legendary DJ’s studio and was also present on the night he was murdered. According to High, two gunmen burst into the studio and placed a gun to her heard, ordering her onto the floor. The woman identified one of the men as Ronald “Tinard” Washington, who has been fingered by federal authorities as a suspect in the murder, but is yet to be charged. Washington is currently incarcerated on an unrelated burglary charge.

High said that one of the men then approached Jay, who was sitting on a couch playing video games with his friend Tony Rincon, and fired his weapon twice. One bullet struck Rincon in the leg, and the other fatally wounded Jam Master Jay. High says she saw the gunmen greet the DJ with a handshake and noticed his tattoo before he fired. She is unable to provide a detailed description of the tattoo. Allen, who was working in the studio’s control room at the time, heard the gunfire and came running, only to find his friend on the floor in a pool of blood. Allen believes Rincon can positively identify the killer, but refuses to cooperate with investigators. “This is not a Biggie Smalls or Tupac case. This is a case that can be solved,” Allen told the News. “The person they have locked up who was involved with it is a person from the neighborhood. It’s not like we’re talking about somebody who flew in from L.A. We’re talking about people right from the neighborhood.”

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  • Blizzie Mac

    ahh man someone just say something im tired of this no snitching this no snitching that bs in certain cases its alright but if someone murdered your grandmother, aunt, family dog, and your next door neighbor’s pretty ass daughter whom u had a crush on u would want to know who did it but then what….nobody “knows” who did it when it was broad daylight or some shit on some no snitching shit..smarten up fruits you wanna be so fuckin hip hop and u dont wanna snitch..u cant be hip hop if you think the south run rap, lil wayne the hardest, and telling who murdered your whole family and subsidary family is considered snitched and your gonna lost street credibility…you niggas make me frustrated.

  • herdthat

    well put my friend

  • Mike

    Das some shit yow

  • Henzo Matsala aka Fuck Losers

    Ayo, this trial is going on for God’s knows how long. And by the look of things, it seems like some-one knows who the murderer is, and the worst part that nigga(Tony Rincon) don’t wanna co-operate. He is the final solution to this mess. But anyway, the nigga who did this shit, world hide for long before thhe cops comes bursting into his front door, and take in his damn stupid ass into jaiil where he belongs.
    Jam Master Jay didn’t deserve to die like that, how could you muthafucka?
    One love.
    Representing South Africa is Matsala

  • RL

    Blizzie, I share your frustrations. Nothing’s sacred on these streets and if you get in the way of the money, you are just as good, or as dead, as a snitch. The question, for me, remains “what could have Jay been involved in to warrant being killed this way”? Is that a reason why it’s taking so long for people to talk? Are the people that were present the night of his killing trying to protect his legacy or their lives? I hope more information comes out soon.

  • Ahmad

    There are only two reasons for the witness to talk at this point. A) Fear or B) They don’t want to tarnish Jay’s name. But if Jay was clean and nobody is trying to kill you for talking, THEN FESS UP.

  • arcey

    co-sign RL & Ahmad

    this Tony Ricon might even be involved & it seems that JMJ knew them: “says she saw the gunmen greet the DJ with a handshake and noticed his tattoo before he fired”

    what’s better: the truth even if it’s ugly or preserving a legacy?

    NO – i’m not saying Jay was crooked or anything but he might’ve been involved one too many (you know the ’80′s were hot) time with the wrong crowd… it’s saddening

    R.I.P. Jay

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  • Latino Heat

    wow. it took 5 fuckin years for that big revelation. that the shooter had a tattoo on his neck! what the fuck! that narrows it down to about a million people. why didn’t this big clue come the night he was killed?the manhas aleagacy, but more importantly he has a mother,kids and a wife that deserve to see justice served. this is bullshit. r.i.p. jmj.

  • micguevara

    SOme say “Supreme” had to do with this killing?something along the lines of ,after 50 cent released “ghetto quran” ‘Preme got upset like in the movie “get rich or die trying” and tried to black ball 50 within the industry and JMJ worked with 50,but who knows,if i am not mistaken “Preme is locked up now for “E-money bags” murder,someones gotta know something.