Rapper Nelly and Cleveland Cavaliers guard Larry Hughes are reportedly teaming up to bring a massive, multimillion-dollar athletic complex to their hometown of St. Louis. According to the St. Louis Business Journal, Nelly’s development company, Nelly, Inc., has purchased a 60 acre lot of farmland in the Maryland Heights area of northeast St. Louis County. The facility is still in the preliminary planning stages, although representatives from Nelly Inc. have presented a plan to Maryland Heights officials. Some of those officials also travelled to Philadelphia last month to view a facility similar to the one being proposed by the rapper and NBA star. Christopher “Topher” Jones, managing partner of Nelly Inc., declined to provide the St. Louis Business Journal with any specific details about the plan. “We're trying to keep this under wraps,” he remarked. “This thing is in the baby stages. We're still in talks with the city.”