LINK: RZA & MTV Talk 8 Diagrams

After less-than-happy comments from Raekwon and Ghostface about the way RZA is running the Wu, RZA spoke to MTV about the making of the new album, 8 Diagrams, and the relationships within the Wu:

“Over the years some of us have grown in doubt, or maybe some of us have grown creatively in different directions,” he said. “But I will say that when we do come together, a lot of things just seem to evaporate. When we get on the stage together, we can have a problem 10 minutes before we get onstage. But once we’re onstage, we feel like everything evaporates.”

He continues:

“I was so aggressive and so unfriendly to people at one point, and now I feel like I’m good,” he said. “I can sit here, I can talk to people, I can shake hands. I feel like I’m a mature man. I think it’s important for me and my crew. It’s not all about making music to punch people in their face. [I want to be] making music to inspire people to stop punching each other in the face.”

CLICK HERE to read MTV’s full interview with RZA.

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  • MAD da Arab

    they dont want RZA to get serious../.
    first bitches!

  • Mooch Brown

    Everything changes over time….but Wutang is forever mother@#$%ers!!!!!

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  • I dunno

    Rae and Ghost might have a point, im just worried 8 diagrams will be soft, i wished it would be GUTTER!!!!!!!! like classic wu

  • Iceberg Slimm

    Just posted the new Wu review

  • hakka

    the album sux

  • King B

    RZA is smart yo, RAE and them just ain’t on the same page musically.

  • mike

    Peace to the Gods and Earths. I respect both of the Gods points of view. The music industry is mad trifling. It seems to be able to come in between the strongest of bonds. The Gods need to keep that within they cipher.

  • G Status

    RZA put Rae’s fat ass in his place…

  • British B

    What the fcuk is going on here…..
    Keep within the cipher… To many bean juice gettin drunk…

    That is what rae and them sayin niggas is fcukin wid there meals just to forward ther own agendas…

    That aint right aint nothing saying that he cant broaden there horizons and explore other genres and avenues but just dont do it on other peoples time or careers he needs to do it in his own time thats all..

    For to much years he been on tryin to get in that other door bullshit and slowin up the wu.. Fcuk it and cater for your fans if your fans dont change then y you tryin to change our fans… dont fix shit that dont need fixin and that bullshit is what fcukin up the wu his managment skills are not upto scratch he tryin to antcipate the market way to deep and the overthinkin is sinkin the ship Rae and that must be like y u tryin to b the smartest and talk alot of shit when i in next peoples studios and they got that raw chemistry we had from 36 chambers.. Rza needs to know the wu as a collective made wu not rza..

  • Sinistah aka Sin Piffcaso

    Peace To The Nation and Soldiers Under The Universal Flag……

    The Wu album is definitely not what i expected, and it does seem more mature, almost like the Wu’s version of “Kingdom Come”
    i didn’t really listen to it beyond one time cause i wanna enjoy it when i do go “buy” it.

    i understand what RZA is saying just off my progression of self in the last 5 or so years… i did a big 180 wit my life, and it reflects on my content when i pen some shit too, just my overall outlook on things changed once i learned to humble myself, and

    i think thats his main message with the direction he’s goin musically, and though he has advanced, it seems like some of them are still trying to capture the days of the 90′s when they were on top instead of creating that new Chamber that RZA is sitting comfortably in at this point………

  • durdy burd

    i wish these mutha fuckerz would stop tryin to kiss ass and change they shit when they know that gangsta shit realy goin down in the streets and thats what people live and listen to and if the sales are so important they should know there gone go down even worse.

    RZA you fuckin dumb ass!!!!