In a recent interview with BET, former Roc-A-Fella co-C.E.O. Damon Dash spoke about Kanye West's recent song "Big Brother," where the Chicago rapper addresses his relationship with Jay-Z:

"It sounds like a sneak dis record to me. You gotta understand certain things about Kanye; he doesn't go at things like the average person does," Dash tells "I feel like if he has something to say, he has to pose it in that way or he can't communicate it at all. And that was the only way he could express why he doesn't understand why he's treated that way."

He continues:

"It's not like he could be gangsta about it and say,'Yo, this n***a's playing me,'...I didn't think it was a very complimentary record. N***as saying n***a on their d**ks and that was some real disrespectful stuff. I might have choked Kanye out for that."

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