In the November issue of Complex, producer/rapper Alchemist speaks on everything from growing up with famous friends in Beverly Hills to how a 2005 bus crash effected his relationship with Eminem. Now, they've posted the uncut version of the interview on their site. On the subject of how he got down with Mobb Deep, he has this to say:

"It took a long time until I got down with them to where it was like, "Yo Al!" [laughs] It was a very long time. Those guys have a lot of deaths through their circle and they're leery just being from Queens in general. The white and black thing too wasn't like automatic, me being a white dude, just the whole shit. P is one of the most skeptical people on the planet. For years he thought I was an FBI agent."

He continues:

"Recently I was like, 'Are you kdding me?' He's like, 'Nah.' So I was like, 'When did you realize I wasn't?' 'When I saw you making the beat son!' For years, they thought they were gonna send an agent in the form of a producer to infiltrate his circle."

CLICK HERE to read the full, uncut interview.