In a new interview with Complex, music mogul turned reality TV star Irv Gotti is as candid as ever on a number of topics:

On Ja's place at Murder Inc.:

"Ja owns Murder Inc. with me. Ja's not just an artist. Ja's family and forever. I don't care if Ja sold one record. He's the owner of Murder Inc. and we'll go sign some new acts. Even if Ja's career is over, he's good. He started Murder Inc. He's the first one that said "It's Murda," with "Holla Holla" and launched my label. So me and him go down in history forever. So, if he's over then Gotti's over."

On the current state of the music business:

"Look at the sales. Look at "Ay Bay Bay." That was the biggest song in the fucking country and he did 20-fucking-thousand units. This is the music business that we're in. The Internet has totally taken the music business and stuck a big fat dick in its ass and now it's fucked it. Now we're trying to wiggle it out our asses and get that fucking shit up out of our ass and it's tough. And it's tough for everyone. 50 just now went over platinum. I know he's sitting back like "What the fuck is going on?" He's going to bottom out at like a million-two. [laughs]"

On why the Murder Inc. supergroup with Jay-Z, DMX & Ja never happened:

"The main reason was egos, and I'm not going to tell you which egos. That one I'm going to have to keep with me and don't share with the public. But it was egos, and there were a few egos in there, but there was one ego that really prevented it...I tried twice. Hard. The first time I tried, Ja was only on his first album and he only did two million worldwide, which when you think of it now it's like, 'Wow, that's a huge success.' But he was the low man on the totem pole. In the beginning I thought maybe they don't want to do it because Ja isn't big enough to do that with them yet. But when Ja was moving six million worldwide, I revisited it [laughs], but it still didn't happen."

On his new artists:

I have a new artist named News, he gives me the same feeling that I had with X, that I'm about to unleash to the world....And then I have this new female artist that everyone knows, but I don't want to say her name yet. The deal has been done, but it's a real good sign for me. All of this is coming in '08."

On why his history with 50 is different from other rap beef:

"Unlike other rappers, we've had physical altercations with this guy. We whipped his ass and he sued us. So, it's deeper than just words with me and him and Ja and him. It's a real beef."

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