LINK: 50 Answering Fan Questions Live Online

While he continues his international tour, 50 Cent will be answering questions from his fans today at 6 p.m. EST on his official fan community Fans can pose questions for the rapper to answer by leaving a response on the site’s forum, which is located HERE. 50 will be answering these fan questions live on a web camera at 6, which can be viewed HERE.

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  • Ali

    I’d like 2 ask em 1 question

    Get Rich Or Die Tryin’….what happened after that? lol

  • T.

    Whas d beef wit Blackwallstreet? and are you commin out wit a new album ?

  • jermaine

    what happen to a complete album i know we all have to feed are family with singles but you still have a story to tell besides being in the club all day long we can party bullshit all day thats bullshit

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  • zhamir

    yo whats up 50 i just wanted to know what are you coming out with next

  • zhamir

    yo 50 what about get rich or die tryin’ 2

  • zhamir

    will you make another movie

  • f

    look at these fucking idiots above..

  • http://myspace high risk

    yo fiddy put fire out with nicole and young buck that song iz hot,y not?

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  • DevilintheFlesh

    Not Here Dumbasses. Click the link for God’s sake.

  • complexity

    Why are you still making shitty albums?

  • grwg232

    connection sux ass. hes not even answering questions, looks like a photo shoot party. 10 minutes of the video feed was of someones foot

  • Amber

    so 50 what you got to say to the peolpe who don’t like

  • Mike Diggs

    i know he got a lotta money, enough to help all of his peoples that really still struggle. but he dont give a fuck about nobody but himself. so instead of asking….
    I would just TELL 50 Cent to suck my dick.

    that would be my question to him, “50 Cent, gimme head? [LOL] Fuck G-Unit!!

  • mike

    curtis I have two questions to ask you. 1 are you working for the federal government? 2 Are you bisexual?


    50, wen r u going 2 start puttin out proper songs like “Touch the sky” ft. Tony yayo or “Man down”, but instead u put some shit out ft. justin timberfake about technology.
    Cum on man we no u can do better than that

  • 757VA

    WHAT IS UP WITH BUCK ????? BANKS?????? YAYO???

  • kijdi

    hey 50. what the fuck happened?