Lil Wayne appeared in an Atlanta courtroom on Wednesday (October 31) for his arraignment on three counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance. The charges stem from an August 2006 arrest at the Twelve Hotel in Atlanta during which police confiscated marijuana and the prescription drugs Xanax and hydrocodone. After failing to show up for a previous court date, Weezy was picked up in Idaho on October 5 on a warrant issued by authorities in Atlanta. The rapper’s attorney, William Head, says the whole thing is a misunderstanding. According to the lawyer, a case notice from the Fulton County District Attorney’s office was mistakenly mailed to Weezy’s old address in New Orleans, which was wiped out in Hurricane Katrina. On Wednesday, Head filed motions with the court disputing the legality of the hotel room search that led to the initial arrest, and also requested that the defense be allowed to inspect fingerprint evidence taken from the bottles of pills found in the room. "We asked to examine the evidence so we can prove it has no connection to him," Head told E! News Online. "Let's see what the fingerprints are." Wayne is also facing a separate charge of being a fugitive in Idaho, a charge that will have to be handled in a Boise court.