Kool Moe Dee Hosts Online Hip-Hop Debate Show

Legendary MC Kool Moe Dee has signed on to host “Spitfire,” a Hip-Hop focused online debate show that airs on social networking site iamhiphop.com. According to Billboard.com, the show is taped in front of a live studio audience in Los Angeles, and features the Harlem born-MC moderating lively debates between a panel of three guests. The recently taped sixth episode of “Spitfire” featured guests MC Lyte, Chuck D and radio and TV host Tavis Smiley discussing topics such as the absence of black political leadership today, and whether or not social and political messages are being intentionally censored from today’s rap music. “This is about the evolution of hip-hop and representing its culture,” says Alex Avant, of iamhiphop.com. Each show tapes for 90 minutes and iamhiphop.com will start airing three to five minute segments at the end of November. Previous guests include Doug E. Fresh, Warren G, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels and author Nelson George. Avant hopes “Spitfire” will eventually be picked up for network television.

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  • Big Chops

    First !!!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/spitfirecrewuk LEO
  • Capostatus

    Why are these old school washed up rappers tryna host shit when noone cares bout them. I really wish they would just accept that they are not relevant anymore and go get a pension check from George Bush or something. Kool mo dee made his career by dissing other rappers. I have zero respect for such an old school ass corward. He did nothing for hip hop except encourage beef. He don’t even have a billboard hit to his name. C’mon nigga stay off the waves. U too old and irrelevant. We do not wanna hear nothing from ya lame ass.

    • http://www.ohword.com rafi

      “He did nothing for hip hop except encourage beef.”

      Stop pretending you know anything. Battling is what hip-hop is built on and it isn’t the same thing as beef. Did nothing for hip-hop? You could argue that Kool Moe Dee invented modern MC’ing.

      Rapping’s whole style changed because of the contributions of Kool Moe Dee. Before anyone else was doing it, Moe Dee was rhyming fast and pioneering the use of vocab and metaphor.

      He put out his first record in 79 and stayed near the top of the game for ten years. You gotta respect that man.

      Dude was a key influence on krs, ll, large pro, rakim, t la rock.

      What exactly have you done for hip-hop?

  • KillCapostatus

    And your saying anything relevant faggot. GO suck a dick bitch

  • http://www.pedagogi.com Sid

    Some one had to come first. Old School/New School who cares as long as we continue to grow as a COMMUNITY. Negativity only breeds ignorance and separation. It amazes me that we have brought into the hatred for each other as easily as we have. WAKE UP!

  • Esi

    In light of the growing trend toward the turning back of the civil rights clock, the failure of the majority of the public schools to prepare students for reading let alone college, the incarceration rates of blacks and latinos, many “old schoolers” are frustrated and calling attention to these tragedies. The fact that the majority of the “new schoolers” decided to go a different route–praising materialis, and degrating, women, gays and lesbians, leaves them no choice. Someone has to speak out, to raise awreness, to rebuild what has been lost.

  • http://www.platchitchat.com Platinum of Platinum Mornings

    I will have to check this show out, sounds really interesting to me.