Kanye West and Evel Knievel Settle Copyright Dispute

Kanye West and legendary stuntman Evel Knievel have officially settled their copyright dispute over the use of the daredevil’s image in the video for “Touch The Sky.” In Kanye’s video he assumes the persona of “Evil Kanyevel” and, while wearing a costume similar to the one worn by the legendary stuntman, attempts to jump a canyon on a motorcycle. Knievel viewed the video as infringement on his trademarked name and likeness said that “vulgar and offensive” images in the video might harm his reputation. He subsequently filed suit against Kanye, Roc-A-Fella Records and AOL for distributing the clip. On July 11, the two parties notified a federal judge that they would attempt to work the disagreement out with a mediator in an effort to avoid a trial. While details of the settlement have not been disclosed, the matter was reportedly settled amicably and Kanye and Knievel recently met for a photo opportunity at the stuntman’s home in Tampa, Florida.

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    Evil, i had madd respect for you until you pulled that sh@#….it takes a death for you to let up?that image was out of respect for a legend,same thing like ROSA PARKS just because they’re old and bitter everything hip hop is “offensive”…..MAKE ME WANT TO SLAP THE SNOT OUT OF A OLD MAN AT THE BUS STOP OR SACKING GROCERIES

  • Latino Heat

    just another muthafucka trying to get payed off of hip hop. hope kanye didnt have to come out of pocket to much.

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  • http://myspace.com/kinganyi KingYizzle

    Evil Knievel is a Buster… If you dont want to be spoofed and satired, then dont be a public figure.. fuck that dude AND his Racist cartoon..

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  • Blue Over Grey

    Evil Knievel is chunkin’ a duece. HA

  • Nate

    DUNFIYA : It says “recently met”, asshole, that could have been two weeks ago for all you know! Kanye is currently in Europe touring! And I know for a fact it wasnt in the last fortnite (excluding funeral of mom and greivement day)!! So jus cause XXL only posted it now dont make it recent, shit this site is slow sometimes E.g. A year old track from Strong Arm Steady “You Aint Me” Was only posted 2 months ago!!! Get ya facts str8 next time!!

    • http://XXLMAG dunfiya


  • fireforreal

    WOW everybody wants to get paid from hip hop without being part of the culture itself.His old ass didn’t even know shit about Kanye or the video until his grand kids who are Kanye fans told him about it.

  • goldbluntz

    out of all the wrongful lawsuits filed each year, this seems to be one of the few credible ones, if kanye really was evil kanyevil and did the stunt in the touch the sky, then i hope he paid the guy he was impersonating, no?


    Yeah this some ole BS this old nucca jus wanna get paid, he didn’t use an old ACTUAL CLIP of evil…just something he produced in that image….he souldn’t have got a damn thing!!! i’d a been coppin plees like we do in da hood… listen man my momma just died, n i got ummm to pay my ummm electric bill (in my lil brothers name), n the cable…gotta be able to see videos n shyt…daym, listen man i got 5 on it…dats about it!!! shouldn’t kanye be able to sue whoever made the storyboards for that video after all it was THEIR IDEA!!!!

  • DirtDogggy

    Mutherfucker looks like the Grand Wizard, no wonder he was hatin. All kanye did was reincarnate his image and dudes mad ? fucking retards everywhere.

    Kanye has him beat on the tight hot pants though and the scarff reminds me of my ghay highschool teacher that was arrested for molesting little boys.(No Catholic Priest)

  • shutup

    all you guys are so stupid just shut up because you dont jump bikes or make big records (only 3 on the new cd)

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  • Peru

    All ya’ll mutha fuckas are hypocritical…when an old as cracka mutha fucker sues a nigga for copyright infringement ya’ll talkin bout he just wanna get paid, so fuck him…but when these weak ass rappers sell these garbage ass albums and real niggas call them on it, ya’ll say they just hatin and the weak ass rapper is gettin paid so he must be doin something right, you mutha fuckas can’t have it both ways bitches!!! You want equality then it actually has to be equal…oh yeah, I’m black too…

  • quit being so ignorant…

    of course knievel is out to get money, that’s why he fuckin TRADEMARKED his shit. i mean the whole “promoting his filth to the world” garbage was unnecessary, but dude had a legal trademark on his name and image… which is a smart thing to have if you’re a public/ pop culture figure.

  • beatz23

    If they had made fun of him on Saturday Night Live I GUARANTEE you NBC would not have been sued. this dude just pissed off to see a black man portraying him and making money at the same time
    and “vulgar and offensive”??? YOU’RE FIRST NAME IS EVIL. God knows how many people youve inspired to try doing stunts and shit…this song is about following your dreams you fuckin bitches..

  • 92FS

    I don’t give a fuck about the lawsuit. Didn’t try to sue me so fuck it…I just can’t get over that picture. LOL!


  • anthony vogler

    Hey everybody,use your heads,evils image and likeness,,are his only copyrighted legacy,,he created it,and he owns it, no disrespect needed,,mr west should have gotten permission, and paid the agreed amount, to use this image and likeness,hopefully someday kanye west will be a image and likeness copyrighted,for some income in his old age, these are the facts,,and evil was the real deal,,the first,and he should be respected, just like kanye should be,for going to kinevel in person,a lil late,but he went,and it showed much respect,so Im a fan,and I liked the video too!!

  • Yung Berg

    Yo, everybody Kanye is going around are dropping like flies, first his mother(may God rest her soul), then Evil Kenevil, and I heard Kanye and Pimp C just wrapped up some work, damn who’s next…yo I’m not going anywhere near that nigga, I don’t even wanna be in the same city as that nigga