Incarcerated rapper Foxy Brown, who was recently released from solitary confinement after serving 40 days for a scuffle with another prisoner, recently opened up to Metro NY about her ordeal. “I’m a survivor,” she told the paper. “It’s been very hard, but I believe God uses circumstances to develop your character. I know coming out of this I’m going to be a much stronger person.” Brown, who has been jailed at New York’s Rikers’ Island since August, found that being incarcerated during the Thanksgiving holiday to be particularly trying. “I probably cried the entire Thanksgiving,” she said. “I spoke to my entire family, but I was boo-hooing like a baby. We were served what would be considered sweet potatoes, collared greens and turkey, but it wasn’t anything like my mother’s cooking. I was really, really depressed all day.” Fox Boogie—who was originally ordered to spend 76 days in solitary, but was released early for good behavior—insists that she has not received any special treatment while at Rikers. “Even upon my arrival, I never had a choice,” she noted. “I was always on lockdown. That’s what people don’t understand.” The troubled Brooklyn native, who claims that her predicament has had a positive effect on her attitude, is already making plans for a big celebration at the True Worship Church in her home borough upon her release. But partying isn’t the only thing on her mind. She also told Metro NY that she is hoping to become a spokesperson for the National Association of the Deaf when she completes her one year sentence. Foxy suffered from sudden and severe hearing loss in 2005, but has since experienced a near total recovery after undergoing surgery.