Former Diddy Associate Files Motion to Prevent Mogul from Distributing Court Records

James Sabatino, a former consultant for Bad Boy Records, has filed a motion to prevent the mogul from distributing FBI interrogation records that suggest that Sabatino was connected to the murder of Tupac Shakur. According to the Associated Press, the motion was filed on Wednesday (November 14) in Miami’s federal court. Sabatino, who is currently imprisoned on fraud charges, filed a lawsuit against Diddy last month seeking $19 million for audio and video recordings of the Notorious B.I.G. that he claims he was never paid for. The interrogation records that he wants suppressed contain testimony from an unidentified informant who claims that Sabatino was present at the Quad Studios in New York on the night in 1994 when Tupac was shot in what appeared to be a robbery attempt. According to the informant, Sabatino showed no concern when the rapper appeared in the studio bloody and wounded, and yelled out, “Get that piece of shit out of here!” The informant also claimed that Sabatino said the rapper needed to be “dealt with” before he was sent to prison. ‘Pac was due to be sentenced in his rape trial the next day. In the motion filed on Wednesday, Sabatino suggests that Diddy is now distributing the interrogation records as part of a smear campaign. No law enforcement agency has ever charged Sabatino in connection with Tupac’s murder.

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  • Big Chops

    First !!!!!!!!!!

  • marz

    Puffy gettin robbed like a bitch, to hide the fact
    he did some shit he shouldn’t have did, so we ride em for that
    And that nigga that was down for me, restin dead
    Switch sides, guess his new friends wanted him dead
    Probably be murdered for the shit that I said
    I bring the real, be a legend, breathin the dead

  • Mr.Defrosted
  • Young Deuce aka Princinnati

    Its messed how things come out so long after these actual events occur. If actual police work was done back then, maybe the cases would be solved now. This type of shit always happens. Look at the B.I.G. murder, stories started coming out in 2005, 8 years later. This Tupac shooting(s) is coming out 13 DAMN YEARS later. The quad shooting was in 1994 and its just now coming to light. The Jam Master Jay Murder, his supposed right hand man and partner is just now coming with info 5 years later. Hopefully these police departments stop worrying about bullshit and get to actually solving these murder cases from the famous victims to the normal victims. I mean that is their job right?????

  • Big Chops

    The kid iz back at again, yall!!!!!!

  • jojochicago

    This is most disturbing and it implicates Diddy as Pac was raving about back in 95! I guess Pac don’t seem so crazy now! And its no womder BIG is gone cuz these dudes were playing cowboys and indians.

  • jerome



  • Cello

    Now people see why Tupac was so passionate with his dislike of Biggie and Puffy, this is proof that if they didn’t do it themselves they knew who did and did nothing about it.

  • Gary Colin

    Puffy said when it happened that, “Pac knows who shot him (pac)”. So then, everybody knew. And Big’s interview about Pac’s shooting was the only time I ever saw Big uncomfortable, stuttering, and nervous.

    I’m not saying that Puff or Big did it. But I’m pretty sure they knew who did. Big warned Pac to stop hanging out with some of the people Pac was hanging out with.

    Puffy definitely had that BMF connection. I’m wondering if James Sabatino also had that connection too.