E-40 Celebrates 20 Years in the Rap Game, Announces New 40 Water Deal

Bay Area legend E-40 will celebrate his birthday and 20 years in the rap game on Thursday, November 15 at the Poetry Nightclub in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. The Ambassador of The Bay is also set to unveil his newest business venture, a line of flavored water called “40 Water.” The rapper, who also owns Fat Burger and Wingstop fast food franchises, is no stranger to the concept of entrepreneurship. “Rapping brought me into the entertainment game, once I got in my eyes got bigger,” 40 said in a statement. “As a business man I get the best of both worlds and the privileges of working and reaping the benefits at the best time in my career.” Attendees of the birthday bash will also get the opportunity to preview tracks from the Vallejo native’s next LP, Ball Street Journal, which is scheduled for release during the first quarter of 2008.

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  • danman

    first bitches

  • J.Keith

    11/16/67 Nigga Learn About It. Legendary shit from a Legendary nigga.

  • http://1290wmcs.com mike “the party killa”

    LEGEND…..Respect do…BTW 1st

  • Ty


  • Da Kid

    I like 40, he doing his thing and getting money, so happy 20th……..you should stop making records dough.

    • Arcey

      why? do you mean that he should stop making hip-hop records? because Stevie Wonder is still doing it, Barry White, Ray Charles, James Brown were all still active when they passed (matter of fact James Brown had a scheduled performance in my city in the week that he died). Nobody wants to hear a “Kingdom Come” LP so i feel what you’re saying but if the rappers is truly an artist or entertainer they should keep rocking it no matter the age… probably with a fan base of 40+ too but…

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  • Latino Heat

    i’m from the bay area and 40 water is not new, that shits been in all the liquor stores out here for months. to the haters that said he should stop making records and the dude that said his fan base is 40+, im 26 and all the muthafuckas my age down to the youngest youngstas love e-40 out here. not just out here either 40 is big in the south too. plus his last album was straight heat, so no he should not stop. some dont know when to quit but if your still doing your thing why quit? btw, congratulations to E-40 for 20 very successful years in the game.

  • cello

    40 Water! Timer, Timer! What a strong 20, one of the few that still after 20 years have game to share. There is not a single track that I have ever heard from 40 water that he is not spiting a new piece of the game for us to learn from. Hard to imagine him still being underground, but I know for a fact, that he doesn’t get the shine he deserves, but as a real tycoon takes what he gets and keeps pushin.

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  • C. Hop

    40 stop?!? Ferrari should stop making cars and Bill Gates should stop making money too I guess. I learned enough from the charlie hustle dvd to get my own label and publishing set up. Why should he stop, so we can hear Soulja Boy and Chicken Noodle Soup all damn day?

  • wscreepa

    You Ive never like this Fat Nigga, never. I just hate his stylo , his voice, his lyrics.Sorry homies this guy is my number 1 worst rapper.

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