Da Brat Released on $50,000 Bond

Da Brat, who was arrested Thursday morning (November 1) after an altercation at Jermain Dupri’s Atlanta nightclub, has been released on bond. According to the Associated Press, the rapper was charged with aggravated assault and released after posting a $50,000 bond. The judge denied a request to reduce the bond. According to the police report detailing the incident, Da Brat got into an argument with a 24 year-old waitress at Dupri’s Studio 72 after the woman bumped into her. Mekka Parish, a spokeswoman for the Dekalb County police, says that the waitress walked away and was hit in the face with a rum bottle shortly thereafter. The unidentified victim sustained a deep laceration to her cheek and some swelling on her forehead.

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  • http://www.xxlmag.com EReal

    She dosent even have 50 Gs?


    LOL @ The pic actually making her look like a female!

    Oh and first sayers are with the gays.


  • http://www.xxlmag.com j williger

    don’t really care i’m just trying to pipe

  • http://www.xxlmag.com j williger

    dont really care i’m just trying to pipe

    • phurdrick

      Since you’ve posted this twice, you must be pipping your nuts!! No web site, not even xxl.com is going to keep me from getting some pussy!! Plus why wasn’t Da Brat in VIP section? The waitress serve you all night!!! youtube.com/justtwodollars(((($2))))

  • James

    Chitown stand up! Westside head bussers in the building bitch! We gone make it Shauntae.

  • nellz

    How u figure she doesn’t have 50k?…I’m sure them vh1 payed well for them shows…

  • Real Life

    i swear alot of y’all kill me. You figure she aint got 50g’s cause she aint sellin no records?? you dont know what she did with her money when she was selling. Shit she probably ghostwriting for half of these wack ass rappers out here.

  • http://dirtyglovebastard.blogspot.com/ Ziploc Moe

    It’s gonna be a bumpin uglies festival at Da Brats crib tonight.

  • http://n/a malkom

    u only gotta pay 10%

  • swerv

    First female rapper 2 go PLAT! Think she ain’t got money b4 the vh1 shit? Yall crazy! Wit all due respect dis bitch handle her shit! Fuck wit her if you want 2, but check her background first. She handle her shit more then half these rap niggas be poppin off wit. Ya dig? It’s a thin line between real and fake, nstead of yall mafuckas hatein and talkin shit, yall should reconize a mafucka for handlein they shit. Jus cause they got money and fame, what the fuck they posed 2 do, hide behind that shit? They do that they wont evar be able to come out in public and kick it or even do thier jobs as artist because sum1 gona test them out of jealousy, hatein, and pride. The reason I say pride is cause the person n the situation cant swallow thier pride and except tht that sum1 is n the position that they want to be in and they cant do it. Nstead of lockin up the stars they should fine and send the so called victoms to jail 4 fucing wit them and trying 2 provoke situations 2 get the easy come up. Hold ya head baby girl, it’s still sum real niggas out here, fuck what the hatas say.Justify your thug, it’s shit like dis dat RIGHT our WRONGS.

  • InDaStreet Nigga

    Da Brat is damn near broke. That’s why she did the Surreal Life and Celebrity Fit Club….trying to get a little check because whatever rap money she made is loooooong gone.

  • C

    First Kim, then Fox, now Remy, and DA Brat what has the female MC become jailbirds/

  • Mr.Defrosted
  • keepin it G

    u niggas think u know. she got cheese and if she dont i know dupre got her back u niggas quit hatin on da brat.

  • fountaine

    dumb b****!

  • http://myspace.com/phalasophar phalasophar

    da brat is so sexy thugged out she had every right to bust the girl in the face the girl could of at least appologize for bumpping into da brat im just glad da brat is out