Birdman, his brother Ronald “Slim” Williams and the other 14 people in their entourage, who were arrested in Kingsport, Tenn. on charges of marijuana possession last night (November 27), have been released on a $1500 bond. According to the Kingsport News-Times, the group left the Kingsport Justice Center this morning in rental cars. The Cash Money co-founders and their crew were reportedly on their way to New York for a BET shoot when the RV they were traveling in made an illegal lane change. A police corporal who witnessed the incident stopped them and found about a pound of marijuana and two illegal firearms, including a .223 caliber assault rifle. Weapons charges have not been filed against any of the vehicles occupants, but the ATF is reportedly assisting with the investigation. A Kingsport court clerk told the News-Times that the group’s next court date was not immediately available.