Birdman and Entourage Released on Bond

Birdman, his brother Ronald “Slim” Williams and the other 14 people in their entourage, who were arrested in Kingsport, Tenn. on charges of marijuana possession last night (November 27), have been released on a $1500 bond. According to the Kingsport News-Times, the group left the Kingsport Justice Center this morning in rental cars. The Cash Money co-founders and their crew were reportedly on their way to New York for a BET shoot when the RV they were traveling in made an illegal lane change. A police corporal who witnessed the incident stopped them and found about a pound of marijuana and two illegal firearms, including a .223 caliber assault rifle. Weapons charges have not been filed against any of the vehicles occupants, but the ATF is reportedly assisting with the investigation. A Kingsport court clerk told the News-Times that the group’s next court date was not immediately available.

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  • niggfrommemphis

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  • Nic

    Weak…. These cops are jealous fucking bitches… just cause they make in one show what pig makes all year.

    • er0c

      Thats pretty bad logic my friend. You think the cops actually had rapper vision? “Oh.. thats definitely a rapper in that RV let’s pull em over.”

      No, they just got a lucky break is all. Anyway that driver needs to be smacked. Who drives like a maniac in an RV without expecting to get pulled.

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  • Goods

    Come on XXL, seriously. How are you going to mess up the name of the paper I WORK FOR? It’s the Kingsport Times-News, not the News-Times. Research clearly needed to be done.

  • Trickdd


  • cruz

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  • cruz

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  • nellz

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  • og bobby j

    Cruz want to be called Lil Cruz and kiss Baby in that shit-tooth smile. Baby look like he he got a stomach know the ones that got you shittin and pukin all night….his face reminds me of this video

  • Mooch Brown

    Yo Birdman…your lyrics are garbage…with all that money, you could buy some better ones…if you need a real writer, holla back…better yet, don’t….

  • niggfrommemphis@cruz

    Who the fuck you calling gay ho?You must be the nigga twin brother.

  • man

    u know what, no one said anything bad about Brian “Baby” Williams aka Birdman until a photo of him and Lil Wayne appeared on the internet. u guys are so quick to judge him as a homo gay blood. First off, he is a straight man and we don’t know enough information to judge him as a fake blood. I know that this homophobia is upon many of us African Americans, but it has become way too much!!! Birdman feels comfortable with his rhymes, meaning that he doesn’t really need to prove them to anybody. Yes, he is not as polished as others these days, but he’s a businessman and is focusing on the future of Cash Money Records. Plus, remember Diddy is a businessman too and isn’t to worried about his rhymes. This goes to show you that Hip-Hop is more than music. It also has business to stabilize it!

  • fuckyoupayme

    busted for illegal lane change?? come on man half these hating mothers are agents of the govermnent and if i was yall cash money or any other nigga out here getting money when they confiscate your shit cellphones cars houses etc throw that shit away. it will be bugged