BET to World Premiere Mike Jones’ American Dream on November 16

On November 16, BET will present the world premiere of Houston MC Mike Jones’ feature film, American Dream. The film, which shares it’s title with Mike’s sophomore solo LP, chronicles the rapper’s rise to fame from the streets of his hometown. Jones co-wrote and stars in American Dream, which was directed by indie filmmaker Derrick Dixon. Clifton Powell, Tamala Jones and Hassan Johnson also have roles in the film. American Dream airs on BET at Friday November 16 at 8:00 p.m., and a DVD of the movie will come bundled with Mike’s album, which hits stores on November 20.

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  • Young Deuce aka Princinnati

    WHO? Mike Jones? WHO? Mike Jones? WHO? Mike Jones? Get your paper.

  • Caine

    Not really interested in Mike Jones’ life story, but I’ll watch it.

  • Jeopardy

    Blah… Hip Hop has already overused the American Dream term.

  • Freddy(Vega$)

    Is this nigga really alive?? naw j/p but he does say the same shit in his raps alot tho, hes like a broken record. Go cop that shit the beats are FIRE!

  • houston’s finest

    mike jones > memphis bleek

    • G.O.O.D. Music

      nigga is you on drugs all of houton is lame except for Cham, Bun B, and Face


  • Three4

    ehemm…Memphis Bleek is waaaay better than Mike Jones…

    • JKeith734

      Mike Jones got something that Bleek does not have a PLATINUM PLAK

      • G.O.O.D. Music

        Sales dont have a damn thing to do w/ lyrical skill i can name several MCs who aint go platinum who is rippin mike jones ugly ass to pieces

  • Capostatus

    Bitch ass southern country boy. U southerners embarassing us with this kinda bullshit. step up idiots. i am sick of you infiltrating the rap game which we new yorkers started and polluting it.

    • Da Kid

      Wat da fuc u gon do about it? Exactly, SHIT, fucking Dipset dickriding BITCH!!!! You act like ALL southerners like this nigga, homie Im from da south and I love NY music but you talking about my fucking region homie, dont be mad cause da south in da spotlight now.

    • Chel

      This comment is for capostatus..Your comment is stupid and new yorkers didn’t start shit, a talented person started the Rap game, there are talented people all over the world, Stop hating on that Dirty Dirty South. Grow up. Holla

    • J Money_504


  • yg.


    you needa shut the hell up bkuz new york started it and cant even be consistent,
    they lost to the west now y’all lost to the south. be consistent and quit complaining bout different regions and all this bullshit about real hiphop.. nicca if u want real hiphop breakdance ur ass bacc to 88 bkuz them days is over i aint sayin aye bay bay is the shit now but damn nigga we got common, kanye, tribe, lupe and all them other niccas is y’all buying they shit?? naw niccas still bootleg that shit so go sumwhere else with that bullshit excuse bout the south this and that.
    the one nicca that can save new york rap is 50 cent and y’all hate on that nicca till it aint funny and i beg anybody right now to tell me someone from new york other than jay-z that can sell an instant mill and dont say nas cuz my nicca aint selling like hot bread no more thats factual.
    aye bay bay all that shit sux but since it sux so much how cum nobody else aint tryna be better than them ringtone rappers??????
    even soulja boy sold more than fab 1st two weeks so nicca chill out with that shit y’all cum hard and niccas will support find new rappers new york rap is the same old niggas find a new yung nigga that knows wats happening now and can really spit.

  • that guy

    mike jones is finished.

  • DFB Hu$ta

    Been waitin on Mike sophomore effort, he aint the best outta H-Town but he aight.

  • The Clean Up Man

    Capostatus says:

    Bitch ass southern country boy. U southerners embarassing us with this kinda bullshit. step up idiots. i am sick of you infiltrating the rap game which we new yorkers started and polluting it.

    see people these kind of people listen to camron, i mean, come on dude, stop hatin, it aint cool, what the fuck u talkin about, south has saved hip hop in the last few years man, just shut the fuck up, and go wait on camron to show up in harlem, in like 5 years or so

  • King Joffy Joe

    Capostatus, you really should have kept that last comment to yourself. I mean, if that’s the way you feel about southern hip-hop, then that’s your personal opinion, but don’t go blasting a style of hip-hop that has dominated the entire genre for the last 4 years. Not unless you want to start a fuckin’ riot.

  • King Joffy Joe

    P.S. Who gives a fuck if you New York niggas started hip-hop? That was like, 30 some odd years ago and to say the least, that style of hip-hop has fell off dramatically. So, instead of disrespecting and bitching about the way the south rides, you should do your best to support what little buzz New York has right now, until that eventually fades away.

  • soul

    first of all Capostatus what in the hell r u talking about their are alot of different styles now not just new york, idiot. everybody got their own style they do from down south, west coast, midwest, and east coast. don’t hate on a region just because that’s they way they do it down there, u better start thinking first b4 u start putting shit out like that

  • Diike Joones

    Why yall keep having this gay ass, grill wearing ugly ass nigga in your god damn mag, yall gettin sloppy man, bring back some real niggas up in herre or you will loose another reader

  • Mako-V

    You have to admit that things have gone a lil awry since the South’s domination. Is it really hate when I say I wish someone else step up and take over cuz I’m gettin bored with all the same scene. It’s like E=MC squared. Make a club song about some girls and have a dance to go wit it. Even Pimp C said he tired of it and want some political rap to show it’s face. And dat nigga’s like GOD to y’all right?

  • yourFATazzMAMA

    Its like dis

    East-underground battle, keep it in your thought hip-hop

    South-Candy paint, trap and Shine hip-hop

    West-Straght gangsta hip-hop

    Mid West-Can be anything since its in the middle of the country

    I listen to what ever sounds good

  • http://XXL JACOB


  • Cuban Link

    How many times has his album been pushed back cuz he cant get a hit single for shit?

    Miiiiikke Jones!

  • noid

    is anybody really checking for mike jones?did his cd even come out?see thats what happens when a rapper comes out with a banger to lead of an album and thats the highlight of his career.i’m afraid chamillionare is facing the same thing.its better to be lukewarm at first and then get hot,rather then the other way around!

  • Vivek Saxena

    I am pretty excited about this movie. I am definitely a Mike Jones fan. He’s just a nice, humble guy enjoying his success. Power to you, Mike!

  • Bow Wow

    Mike Jones is cool

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  • Selisa

    All hail to the movie. Good luck you guys.
    Speacial praise to Kendrick “KD” Smith. Keep on pushing. You played your role. Hollywood step back. He’s coming in!!!!

    I am proud of you.

    Silver Lining International Booking

  • Joe

    Fuck That Weak Shit, check my movie trailer out nuccas….

  • Lo-Doe

    Fuck Mike Jones! Corny Ass Down South Trash.

  • Lil J

    Dont be hatin on a nigga who made somethin for himself. Niggas from my hood and he reps it well


    You peep’s forget that we are all the same race trying to do positive things and make a living. If the rap game started here R there, it doesn’t matter. We have something that other race can’t dominate. So stop hatin on each other and be thankful we have a way out of the hood and can feed each other. Support each other.