MTV recently spoke with RZA and discovered that Wu-Tang has decided to move the release date of its reunion LP 8 Diagrams from December 4 to December 11. The move comes after the "hierarchy" in Wu-Tang was criticized by Ghostface last week in MTV's Mixtape Monday, where complained about the group's long-delayed LP having the same release date as his new Def Jam solo LP Big Dough Rehab. "I had December 4 for the longest," said Ghost. "But the Wu album, brothers was kinda late on doing whatever they were doing and pushed it back ... on my date...They trying to f--- around and make me push my album back."

In response to this interview, RZA has defended himself. "The blame can't fall on me like that," RZA told MTV's Mixtape Monday. "Wu-Tang Clan is a bunch of brothers working on one common cause. ... We planned to put that record out in September, then October, and it kept getting pushed because it's just a lot of work, yo. ... I wasn't really conscious [Ghost] was dropping an album on December 4th, but yesterday we moved our [group] record from the 4th to the 11th. We gave that spot to Ghostface ... because of how he felt. ... I had to make that call. [SRC label head] Steve Rifkind also, he was getting bashed up by Ghost [in the Mixtape Monday interview]. So ... we moved.

"We didn't have him move, we moved," RZA continued. "I think that shows the kind of bigger men we could be. Ghost is my brother, [I] love him to death. But we're in this business, and it's hard to kind of discern what's right and what's wrong. ... But I will say that, when it comes to a Wu-Tang Clan album, I plan on making it a 60-, 90-day type of schedule. ... It turned out to be a 200-day schedule ... and I didn't want to wait until next year [to put out 8 Diagrams].

"But Ghostface, we moved it to the 11th. You got that 4th. Do your thing right then, double up [the] next week, make mad cream this year, family."