TONIGHT: Final Celebrity Rap Superstar Showdown on MTV

With their “celebrity rap mentors” Too $hort and MC Lyte coaching them from the sidelines, the two finalists of Celebrity Rap Superstar will face off tonight on MTV in front of judges Da Brat, DMC and Big Boy. Will the winner be Shar Jackson or Kendra Wilkinson?

Click here for showtimes and more info.

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  • tys


  • Trev-O-Negative

    shar is most likely gonna win i mean she is da most talented,but i would love 2 see kendra win(love da ass shakin’!!!!).either way they both gonna get a deal,i mean damn kendra wuz ghost ridin’ da whip on girlz next door,but it’z gonna b real close cuz they both had hard songz last week(even though i liked kendra’z betta cuz she got all deep and i think too short is a betta rapper than mc lyte).

  • Trev-O-Negative

    btw,FIRST BITCHEZ!!!!!!

  • Da Kid

    On Da count of three who gives a fuck?



  • swisstech

    fuck this shit must be horrible, horrible horrible, may they can always get souljah boy and rick ross as contestants coz they need help and jesus in thier lives, so nigga plizzzzz!!! fuck off with bs stories we need real shit. and any news on detox