T.I. Hires All-Star Lineup of Lawyers

As T.I. prepares to fight federal gun charges after his arrest in Atlanta last weekend, the King of the South has gathered an all-star lineup of lawyers to defend him. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, high profile lawyers Ed Garland and Don Samuel will join forces with T.I.’s other attorneys, Steve Sadow and Dwight Thomas. “[Sadow] and I have known each other a very long time, and both my partner [Samuel] and I have worked together with him on many cases,” Garland told the AJC. Garland previously represented another famous client, NFL linebacker Ray Lewis, who beat a murder charge in 2000 after pleading to a misdemeanor. T.I.’s case, however, may prove to be more difficult, as the 27-year-old rapper was indicted on three federal charges on Wednesday (October 16) and charged with possessing unregistered machine guns and silencers, unlawfully possessing machine guns and being a convicted felon in possession of firearms. Federal prosecutors currently want to keep T.I. locked up until his trial, which is predicted to be at least several months away. The AJC reports it will be hard for T.I.’s super team of lawyers to win bond for the rapper since he has a prior crack cocaine-dealing felony conviction.

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  • StraightouttaLondon

    I know money has the potential to allow people to walk free, no matter how fucked up the charges, but not even those lawyers will get him off this one….

  • http://www.dirtyglovebastard.blogspot.com/ Ziploc Moe

    I predict T.I. wont see the light of day for a long time. The Feds are official. You made it into the big leagues when they bust your door down. They don’t have to release you for shit. Look at Big Meech. He’s been in jail 2 years and his trial hasn’t even started yet.

    • Bad Azz

      stop hating man T.I aint got long he a be out in no time

      FREE TIP

      • kem

        shut da fuck up. kids today don’t u no if the fed set out to get you it for a good reason tis is beacause T.I. or T.I.P alreay got off on dat drug dealing shit so they out to hang him for good now.

    • Ayer Wun_KoS

      FREE T.I.P!!!!!!FREE T.I.P!!!!!!FREE T.I.P!!!!!!FREE T.I.P!!!!!!FREE T.I.P!!!!!!FREE T.I.P!!!!!!FREE T.I.P!!!!!!FREE T.I.P!!!!!!FREE T.I.P!!!!!!FREE T.I.P!!!!!!FREE T.I.P!!!!!!FREE T.I.P!!!!!!FREE T.I.P!!!!!!FREE T.I.P!!!!!!FREE T.I.P!!!!!!FREE T.I.P!!!!!!


    Yeah Meech still locked but Meech don’t got Gwop like TIP. Tip gone get out before his trial but he gonna have to keep grindin cus win or lose this sh*ts gone cost.

    • Mike Patch Fortworth,TX

      Are you seriuos. Big Meech, The head of BMF, do your research you fucking retard. I’m pretty sure Big Meech had a cocaine distribution ring that ran from Detroit to Atlanta and then some.

  • Spokenthoughts

    Ed Garland= the White Johnny Cochran. KNOW HIM.

  • og bobby j

    this should be interesting…in the IS justice system…you can buy freedom. However, I think TI is bout to be the KIng of the Cell for the next 15 years. No amount of lawyers can fight him speaking on the wire…of the guns in the whip……facts are in TI Lost. Call me a hater but I can stop laughin at his dumb ass. Ti should just realize he lost and save his money on legal fees. He could defend himself….get up in from of the judge:

    TI “what you know about that”
    Judge: We have tons of evidence…we have the guns that you were holding
    TI : “Bring em out, Bring em out”

    TI’s ceel mate is bout to have big things poppin in his ass!!!!!

    • Bad Azz

      Hoe ass nigga or bitch stop hating on TI he a be out in no time u slow ass bitch
      he got bread in u broke so what that tell u
      FREE TIP
      King of the south

      • http://www.xxlmag.com EReal

        Yeah right, we’ll see. They caught dude RED HANDED. Wheres your defense? TI is just trying to reduce his sentence, this case is open and closed homie.

        Find a new rapper to dickride.

  • these posts are racist

    T.I. will get bond and will be a free man pending the adjudication of his charges. They will take his passport to ensure he is not a flight risk and will moniter his every move.

    He will most likely have to serve some time in prison once it is said and done. This will not go to trial. He will copp a plea and serve some time in prison.

    • http://www.xxlmag.com EReal

      Oh except for that BOND DENIAL. lol.

  • Blakjustice

    lawlessness breeds certain and irreversable downfalls and self destruction. TI will soon self destruct, the TV Ads,Music Commercials,Awards and Accolades,friends,hangers on’s,record sales and freedom will disperse and vacate like a swift breath.

    We will never learn.

    A Black Man.

  • D. Filla

    Steve Sadow is one of the best lawyers in Atlanta. I’m pretty sure T.I. will be alright if Ray Lewis was.

  • http://www.myspace.com/frisocrepresenter antdeshawn1

    T.I aint gone get off but i know a way he mite get off! Go 2 the judge and say ur honor i didnt do it…..tiP did it lol plea retardness kuz thats what he is anway for haven them damn guns he dumb rich have somebody else go get em! This woulda been big press for young Dro kulda set his next album up reall nicely lol

  • ara

    ok whats screwed up about this whole deal is in that article they say it will be hard for T.I but Ray Lewis gets away with what he did? How long ago was his felony charge? So why will they not give him bond? Was he not 18? I think this is jack man..

  • M.G.

    DAMN…I know dis dood wasnt tryin to buy all dem guns to get back at lil flip for dragging him out the car in cloverland and knocing him da fuck out.

  • QuieGutta

    How could you,we had faith in u for to long i knew you was doing yo on thing behind the rap life but king u didnt have to take it that far in if you did u could have came in got me{for real}but on the other hand Cliff we gone hold it down for u and we hope to see u soon but until then king fight hard beet them cases
    the awards was straight but if u would of made it their it would of been better.
    QuieGutta Mil-Town{Millwaukee 414}

    I,m a hold it down PSC Pimp


    T.I. IS GONE GET OUT OF JAIL YALL JUS HATING ON MY BABY FUCK ALL DA HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111


    T.I. IS GONE GET OUT OF JAIL YALL JUS HATING ON MY BABY FUCK ALL DA HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

  • daphillydude

    hummm what can 1 say to something that we see to often in the music biz when it pertains to rappers…

    1>They always sooner or later they allow the stereotype to fall into play…
    2.With all the money that is accumulated by their carrer you would expect them to leave the guns and hood alone but, they always find a way to take it with them
    3.And when they are arrested its always on either 1 or all 3 things: guns,drugs or sexual assult.
    4.When arrested on mentiond before charges..they always end up hiring some high powered lawyer to get them out when all they had to do from jump was to LEAVE THAT SHYT ALONE…and make music and the loot

    I mean did any body REALLY WATCH THE O.J TRIAL
    Whites dont like to see BLACKS WITH MONEY LIKE THEY HAVE and will do any and everything to PUT BLACKS IN THEIR PLACE..because all they do is wait 4 them to FUCK UP!!!and as usual artists/rappers always do…just ask slick rick,shine,prodigy, and any other rapper who has found themselves before a judge with guns,drugs and weaponds charge against them…see what they say..

    shoot the judge hands out years to rappers like he given out candy…with the minimum being 3-5 to start…and then they start bringing up past stuff which gets more yrs tacked…and when all the money is spent all the cross examinations are ended…they stick they asses in jail and then they make records from the prison they r at to fill their contract with the label..and then are dropped..still oweing money…..


    i hope his whack ass go to jail, that nigga is a piece of shit i fucking hate his bullshit, luda is the real king

  • YounG.Sk3Et.Boi.B

    All I can say is GOOD LUCK! the FedS aint shit to play with. I Got CuZiN in the Feds right now! Been locked up for 3 years and aint been INDICTED! That’s ReaL RaP! Hope erything go good for the NiGGa yah mean. Hate to see anybody go to the clink!

    • mobstar251

      what u mean he aint been indicted what is he a fuckn terrorist, do u mean convicted? cuz u cant be locked up for no reason, he has been indicted which means the same as formally charged a**hole!plus he aint been in 3 years and aint at least been indicted dickhead

  • Dapstylz

    I feel bad for T.I. but at the same time when your as successful as he is you have to be willing to separate yourself from the non-sense (we see you Mike Vick).

    As for the prospects of getting out, even if TI is given home arrest until his trial he is going to have to start snitching on people or be prepared to face a long prison sentence. The feds don’t play they have endless time and money and a 95% conviction rate. Most attorneys will tell their clients to cop a plea like Mike Vick. Also since the feds couldn’t get irv Gotti there is NO WAY IN HELL they are going to let another rapper beat a case.

    I hope T.I.’s troubles can serve as a lesson for other artist (Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, USDA etc…) and kids who want to be like what they hear on records

  • mdot12

    Last time I checked, the law states that a person that is charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty. Despite the evidence the Feds allegedly have on him, they haven’t proven beyond a reasonable doubt that T.I. did anything yet. So they should let him go until trial (if there is one, and with restrictions, of course). If Remy Ma can post bail on an attempted murder charge (I know it was eventually reduced to assault or something less serious), and if C-Murder can get out of prison on house arrest while waiting on his murder re-trial to start, why can’t T.I. post bail on gun charges? Because he’s a felon, or because he’s T.I.?

  • Da Kid

    Dam TIP!! Man I hope the big homie gets a lite sentence, but I must admit that was a dumb move on his part, lets just hope he learns from it and bounces back again.

  • jade

    i wish him the best ,but i prey he dont get more that 15yrs

  • http://www.freshfeature.com Fresh

    I hope this man has learned his lesson, but further more I hope that all the kids who are watching T.V. and think that shit is sweet have learned their lesson. Folks are dying and folks are going to jail, that’s the reality. T.I. saw his best friend shot and killed in front of him, it seems that the guns are symptomatic of paranoia. The kids need to know that the Feds will fucking lock you up and forget that you exist. Stop the stupidity. TIP, keep your head up. http://www.freshfeature.com

  • Rizzle

    the way i see it…them mafuckaz set that nigga up! wit money comes problems, haterz, and the battles within self….him bein a nigga of his stature, the febs couldnt wait to get ya boy…real talk im from the nap and i here its hater city so any nigga that knows the block can see somethin aint right bout this shit….TI or TIP stay up homie

  • http://www.xxlmag.com mobstar251


  • king equality victorious

    yeah man nigga would have to serve time for the silencers alone all them guns maybe he could get his bitch to say it was hers it would be less time for her since she aint a felon yet i dont feel bad for homey wasnt like he was going to be shooting at white people he was prob going to merk another one of us so in reality some brother in atl is prob safe now

  • 3 stacks

    lil flip aint never knocked nobody out…that pussy lil flip got held up on his own tour bus in dc..even scarface said flip aint nobody…and as far as that incident it was one of flips boys that got the hit in on ti…but anyway hopefully ti wont be locked down for too long it doesn’t look good though.

  • 300

    If Iv gotti can beat the charges of money laundering against him, TI can do it!

    Respect to TI, by far the best rapper around at the moment along with Jay Z!!

    PSC ya heard

    • benny

      My dude GUN CHARGES not the same as MONEY LAUNDERING. When the feds come for you its a wrap!

  • A


  • Supablack

    I once saw T.I. on MTV’s punked and he cried like a beeyotch when they pretended to have found hollow tip bullets in his luggage so I know his a$$ is crying like no body’s business now.

  • 110street

    Every one has a different situation,yall cant compare him to ray lewis or ne one else. different judge,jury and person. just pray for the brother.

  • missile 6

    It amazes me how niggas will jump on the bandwagon of ant stupid crime a person makes.This guy was not trying to get A gun or two to protect himself, he was acquiring a whole arsenal. Who was he planning on shooting, more niggas. When you possess big guns like that its impossible to control who they be hitting. Innocent kids and shit get hit by choppers like that. TIP, I’m sure he does need to have a gun or two, but that cache of weapons they showed was ridiculous, unless he was planning on single handedly ending genocide in Darfur. why are you trusting a bodyguard that has only been working for you since July, makes no sense at all. Thirdly, why is the whole camp going to pick up the choppers. Lastly, the weapons he already possessed in his house were more than enough, this is just ignorant nigga sh*t. Anybody who writes a comment about they understand or they feel is just as ignorant. When you get to a certain point you have to be careful about what you do. Why would you risk so much?

    Don’t get it twisted I never hope for another persons demise, but I refuse to act like what he did was cool and jump on the free TI bandwagon.

  • Greg

    They might cut a couple years off for him but T.I. is still going to jail so he can spend his 500,000 grand on lawyers for now.

  • rod

    Why the fuck TIP buying guns. You a millionare you hire people to carry guns for you. You think jay-z and 50 buying machine guns. Hell Nah they got niggas on the payroll to carry the guns. You got too much to lose bro. No getting of these Fed charges.

  • Future24


  • higher

    niggas ain’t real if they talking about they glad to see a nigga locked up thats some bitch shit.i know i ain’t the biggest ti fan but he did do some stupid shit. he shoulda had some no name niggas handel that he got to much to loose..i hope ti beats this case and at most 5 years but for now FREE T.I FREE T.I FREE.TI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Knowledge Speaks

    Music Powerhouse + Hollywood Actor =

    Celebrity Stardom

    Celebrity Stardom + Bad Hood Habit =


  • Vuitton Gotti

    Jeezy bout to do alotta replacing for TI.

  • jstylez

    i hope this nigga go to jail we dont need more of his wack ass songs..they all sound the same..let us pray..lol

  • http://www.xxlmag.com EReal

    Im starting a new campaign.



    From 1 king 2 another stay up homey. U can beat dat shit. Da feds tried 2 lock me up 4 40years. They aint unbeatable. U lame ass faggots sayin im glad he locked up should be killed. Did every body forget about Phil he wuz killed by some haters on da highway wit TIP. Why would u put ur life in da hands of a bodyguard when da shots go off they freeze up 2. I’d rather keep my life in my own hands. If I go down fo that I am still a man mutha fucka. But only a few will understand

  • Jay BIRDS

    Yo If u got bread like TI, then u send ya people do this kind of bizniz for u, this shit dont sound right. I think its more to it, that thery aint talkin bout.


  • salvifinest

    He should do the “insanty” defence since he got caught and color in a coloring book while he in court

  • T.I.P.’s WiFEY

    FREE T.I.P.!!!

  • http://google.com taya

    Who was T.I. going to kill

  • damn

    Reasonable doubt people. Theyre not gonna be able to prove he was tryin to buy guns just cuz they got the body guard on tape saying “I have your stuff….all of it”. He coulda been talking about any god damn thing. Shit it coulda been TI’s dry cleaning. He’ll serve time for having the guns on him and the rest of the charges will be dropped. REASONABLE FUCKING DOUBT. Maybe he’ll come out of jail on some Pac type shit and start callin out names.

  • Cuban Link

    J-J-J-Jew Unit in the building!!!!

  • Stunna