loud-bevs.jpgSteve Rifkind, founder of legendary record label Loud Records, has announced the launch of the Loud Beverage Corp. and its new line of energy drinks. Currently available in the Classic Mix and Sitrus Stunner flavors, the company has begun to roll out the product in markets across the country. Two additional flavors, Grapple Sauce and Pomberry Zero, will also be available soon. We will launch this product market by market in the manner of breaking records," says Rifkind. "In addition to traditional beverage marketing, we utilize radio, DJs, mix tapes, club nights and promotions with non-traditional entertainment and lifestyle accounts. This company's rich musical history has its roots in marketing, and that's the same approach we are taking with Loud Energy Drinks." Loud Beverage’s is a joint venture between Rifkind and executive Ron Urban, with backing from partner Universal Music Group. The company also has plans for a Loud Energy 2008 Tour, which is slated to kick off in January and run for six months. Also on deck are Loud Shotz, a two-ounce sugar-free energy/vitamin/antioxidant shot that will hit stores this November.