Soulja Boy Debuts At No. 4 on Billboard Chart

soulja-boy-cvr.jpgEven though critics have labeled him as a “ringtone rapper,” 17-year-old Soulja Boy has debuted at No. 4 on this week’s Billboard 200 album chart, selling 117,262 copies of his new album, Other new releases include, Boyz N Da Hood, who debut at No. 51, selling 15,736 copies of their sophomore album, Back Up N Da Chevy, and Trill Entertainment recording artist, Foxx, who lands at No. 144, moving 5,420 units of his LP, Street Gossip. Finally, Kanye West and 50 Cent continue to duke it out, as ‘Ye has once again beaten Fif on this week’s chart. Kanye sold another 92,373 copies of Graduation, landing him at No. 7 and bringing his total to 1,409,411. The G-Unit mogul, on the other hand, moved 50,564 more units of Curtis, bringing his total to 956,762, which still falls short of the one million mark.

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  • runyon ave

    wait till em drops his new joint

  • BWS Fan

    dont give a shit bout soulja boy!

    BNDH only 15000? their album deserved more. btw i copped it

  • pimpdaddyfresh

    SOULJA BOY! seriously???? well keep doin ya thing homie

  • YO

    soulja boy sold more numbers than i thought, he did pretty good considering niggaz sellin 11,000 there first day n shit. I just feel sorry for the niggaz that bought that corny shit. and wtf is bad boy doing with bdh? i aint even kno they had a album out…its called advertising….

  • “The Party Killa”

    Yeah, but next week his numbers will look like Foxx’s

  • EReal


    LOL! j/p Thats amazing a kid thats 17, produced and wrote his own shit and self promoted and he won. A small W, but a W none the less, gotta respect that.

  • Lethal

    First Bitch!!
    always wanted to say that

  • Around and Around

    First time I heard that ringtone song my IQ dropped 10 points.

  • facescar

    Damn those numbers are ugly…both Boyz N Da Hood and Foxx deserved more…

  • hutch

    haha cuuuuuuuuurtis! aint even sold a mill yet it wud appear that fake gangsta bullshit aint workin no more! stick 2 the vitamin water coz ur rap career is over

  • RAZ

    Yo who keeps buying K West album? Don’t nobody listen to him in any hood. I don’t like him so my opinion of the cd is going to be subjective but my man is a fan and he say that it was kinda weak.

  • Anli(Aint.Nothin.Like.It)

    Wow what can I say…New era and the some bullshit is hittin the fan… This lil nigga hustle was on point from the internet to scorin a deal with Interscope and pushin 117k but that shit is not what that is. His shit should have been like #23 on the charts not #4. Ok im not gone vent im just gone patiently wait for 11-06-07.

  • minneapolis,MN

    that’s what you call a one hit wonder kid.
    hey soulja boi it’s ovea go back to the internet and make another cell phone ring tone.
    maybe you can call it it.

    Mooooooooooo (cow sound)

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    @ haters. His music isn’t for you. Its for the kids. Do you think grown ups wanted to listen to Kris Kros when we were young?

    Congrats Soulja Boy

  • Gorilla unit

    yeah fucking dorks. still buying kanye cd and regrate that at the end of the day cause the cd is wack till the end. Fucking hell. On the other hand. I exected more from fifty but the cd is still nice.

  • Doobie

    Raz said: “Yo who keeps buying K West album? Don’t nobody listen to him in any hood.”

    Au Contraire, I heard mad cars bumpin Kanye in the hood down in East Baltimore recently. Baltimore’s homicide rate has been rotating positions (with Detroit and whoever else) in the top three for like the last 15 years, and the east side has a higher concentration of murder than any other part of the city–niggaz are unbelievably grimy there–and I heard several cats bumpin Kanye. Yet, when I was out in the suburbs in the surrounding counties, I heard mad cats bumpin 50 and that DJ Khaled “I’m-real-in-the-hood-shit” with Plies, Trick Daddy and whoever else is in that garbage.



  • rich arte

    lol @ 50…”his sales are gonna drop the second week…”

    50 got ethered by Kanye, and not just in the US either.

  • sleep

    im happy for solja boy im but not buying that nonesense. And. Im a kanye fan but ilike his first too album better. And for dude who said nobody listen to him in the hood. Thats stupid does everybody in the hood like gansta music. We all aint the same. And ur the same stupid mother fucker who get mad when cop racially profile us. What do u expect when all u mother fucker act like everybody in the hood wants to be a fucking gangsta.


    #1. Solja fuckBoy debuted at #4. WTF HAPPENED TO HIP HOP?!

    #2. Why is niggas hatin on Kanye album? That shit was way, i repeat, WAAAAAYYYY BETTER THAN SNITCHTY SCENT GARBARGE ASS CD! I got both of them shits to the crib and while 50 got some hood shit, they ARE NOT bangers! Kanye got some good music, the best intro EVA, and way better lyrics. So unless yall start rappin and sell more than Ye, STOP HATIN!!

  • tubby 1

    Kanye is winning in the states…..but 50 is killing Kanye in worldwide sales! 50 was #1 on the Europe Top 200 Billboard week 1 and Kanye was #3….look it up.

  • S.W.A.T.S 73

    Soulja Boy Tellem..Whats so funny LL said Do the WOP and yall UPNORTH niccs do what you do BEST..HATE

    Same Sh*t as the PEEWEE HERMAN Damn..HIPHOP is dead, the south aint lyrical,or just wack..

    IF we ( The South) did all this then BRING IT BACK TO LIFE, Spit lyrics THAT SHUT SH*T DOWN, do what nobody else does…..If we stole it then STEAL IT BACK..

    Take your SKIRT OFF and take the TAMPOON OUT and MAN UP..

    Soulja in the BLACK of the RINGTONE 117k and counting STRAIGHT PROFIT..Yuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Vuitton Gotti

    Nawledge, I agree witcha my nig.

  • G-Unit Greg

    propz 2 soldier boy 4 sellin dat muck ill b suprised if get sellz more den 500,000 tho

    50z cd is WAAAAAAY betr den kanyez! hopefully 50 will get 2 da 1 million mark dis week! GGG-UNIT!!!

    and finallly boyz n da hood n foxx deserved more there cdz were pretty good!

  • grapes

    I’m tired of Soulja Boy’s lame ass. So tired that I couldn’t give a shit anymore. He’s gonna grow up and THEN we’ll see how much people like him then. LOL at Around and Around (#8ish). Kanye still better than 50. It may not be classic, but at least it’s not full of bitchmade shit like Ayo Technology and Follow My Lead. It has songs like Champion, Big Brother (a very respectful song), Goodlife (vote that), Barry Bonds (which is just plain smug but still smarter than something such as…Curtis 187.)

  • dunkz

    To be honest i can fel and relate to fifty’s music ,its like n action packed movie ,stuggle ,money ,girls ,love etc.It’s just th bomb.

  • Nate

    Frontline dropped a third Album in 3 years, and all 13 songs are better than most of Soulja Boy’s.
    Sure his single is fire, can’t deny artists having one hit. But Every month and most every week there are artists out there that put out better quality material. Don’t support b.s. albums like S.B. (It’s not “hate” to like good albums better than singles) If you looked at Wild 94.9′s Boo Bomb concert lineup (bay area) you would see how sad it’s getting (cept for Faboulous)

  • Cuban Link

    This is just the beginning.Foxx is gonna sell double what Pac did.Just you wait.

    And I actually have a little respect for Soulja Boy after I found out that he made that whole CD in his mommas basement, and hes only 17.It completely sucks, and i can probably do better myself, but regardless its a lil impressive

  • JasonKeith734

    Damn 50 its a wrap 4 G-Unit. Ja Rule might drop and do more than Curtis.

  • Eman

    I hate this website

  • blasian

    lol at the G-Unit Stans still talking shit about Kanye. Your boy lost, accept it and move on…

  • beezy

    Damn i hate ole hating azz n*gga, look check this out soulja boy up in this h*e, watch him crank and sale more than your favorite artist lol!!! ha ha ha b!tches DA SOUTH IN DIS B!TCH

  • Michael J. Focks – A.K.A. THE UNDERWRITER

    Wow. Congratulations to Soulja Boy. That’s ill, but how can you hate? If Samuel L. Jackson did the dance, why shouldn’t I?

    But damn, curtis. It’s a wrap. If you don’t sell 44,000 next week, you can call it a career out here. Where are all the residents of Curtis-stan now?

  • Balla

    Errrbody Go Cop That Life Goes On By Trae
    October 23 probably gon be the best album in 2007
    wait & See

  • Tense

    Soulja boy is wack! if it wasnt 4 that dance and dem shady white sunglasses He wud be nowhere.

    I would tell him like Joell Ortiz…’Do me a favor, accidentally step on ur white sunglasses, we dont wear those over here this is hiphop’

  • http://XXlMagizine Charmaine

    Soulja Boy ur CD is hot* I luv U!!!!!!

  • loony T

    wow. yall are some vicious haters. get a life.

  • Boy Vito!

    the industry is just gonna suck money out of Soulja Boy and then kick his is ass to the curb….his CD was so weak it made me want to poop…no games

  • now watch me boooooooooooooo

    album is wak
    song is overplayed
    game is weak
    if this is wat rap is being reduced to, lemme cop dat new billy joel cd
    ya dig?

  • RAZ

    Raz said: “Yo who keeps buying K West album? Don’t nobody listen to him in any hood.”

    Doobie said: “Au Contraire, I heard mad cars bumpin Kanye in the hood down in East Baltimore recently. Baltimore’s homicide rate has been rotating positions (with Detroit and whoever else) in the top three for like the last 15 years, and the east side has a higher concentration of murder than any other part of the city–niggaz are unbelievably grimy there–and I heard several cats bumpin Kanye. Yet, when I was out in the suburbs in the surrounding counties, I heard mad cats bumpin 50 and that DJ Khaled “I’m-real-in-the-hood-shit” with Plies, Trick Daddy and whoever else is in that garbage.”

    It prob was the radio, I can’t take West is getting spins. But I’m from Philly where we been the Murda Cap for the last couple years and niggas from the hood aint banging West, they blastin 50. Where I go to school them bitch ass college niggas listen to West. And the shit that kills me bout that is they try and be hard with there cute little brother clothes on looking like white boys (It’s a HBCU, predominantely black). Not knocking Bmore or nothin like that I just don’t see nothin in Kanye’s music that grabs me. Even his production, he gets alot of credit but he samples what are considers his best work so boy is not original.

  • http://HHDX.Com Ill-Matic

    Wow Raz, calling people who will be your boss one day “bitch ass college Niggas?”


    And that’s why your still living at your moms house.

    And the “kanye weast fans” are out getting a life and a degree and a good job.

    I swear the ignorance of this country…

    Or these “hood niggas”.

    Fuck off, this is the internet. NOBODY IS SCARED.


  • da king

    He could be out robbing your momma!dont hate on the youngsta!

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  • EReal

    Fuck that I lay my murda game down!

  • Dat REal

    Nigga i visited my aunt in Atlanta I was in the Bowen Home Projects and niggas was bumpin soulja boy like it was the shit nothing against the nigga but damn aint nothing funnier than a bunch of drunk niggas wit gold teeth and dreads Cranking That Soulja Boy

  • gjmdgkj

    wow this is what the rap industry is becoming…

  • Self_Made

    Good For Soulja Boy, All of you who say you could make a better album than his.. DO IT! i dont think it is a deep album or anything like that.. and the whole album is almost the same song… but whats wrong with that song? last i heard it was #1 ringtone and everything…. Soulja boy isnt trying to make a album that makes you think.. hes not trying to be a deep rapper or anything like that.. he likes to dance.. so he made an album like that. simple as that. so all ya’ll need to stop hating and respect what that 17 year old kid did. What were any of you doing at 16 / 17.. even if you dont like it.. you gotta respect it.

  • Da General

    mayne fuck soulja girl i mean soulja hismusic is weak. i mean crank dat soulja boi has absaloutly no fucking concept, an if it does its wack!! 50 aent been da same since get rich or die trying, but really its just that a style of music gets old, he hasnt got weaker its just got old, but 900,000 mayne think about it thats still bread hes makin so hes living good, same for kanye. but besides all the hype on these niggas ya boi goin have his own cd coming out soon, i got dat special ear for music with mad rappin skills but thats for the world to judge i guess but ill never give a fuck wat yall think. i speak from my heart on wat ive been through. moms was a crack fean, always in trouble, girl got pregnant at young age, force to become a man at a early age, trust me yall going to want to hear my story, oh an fuck the government!!! selling shit on da market that allows crack dealers to make money of the weak…LIKE MY MOM’S!!!! mayne ima voice my opinion about dis country. i mean im not inocent ive cook dat hard in da kitchen too an been in sum situations where i almost lost my life. looking down da barrel of that revolver an everything just paused an life stood still. but ive learned alot, how niggas in this world are, an ive learned that we are all crazy an at any givin moment you could kill someone cause we are not perfect an make wrong decisoins that somtimes can ruin our lives. but as you can see ive gotten off topic. Summer of 2008!! first independent album to be dropped independently. “on my own” its personal, friends will fuck you quicker than enemies will. trust me. Keep ya mind on tha prize, wat ever YOUR! prize is. A.D. da General

  • fluilfutflava

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