Snoop Dogg, Eminem & Common Contribute to New Book on Tupac

pac-bk.jpgSnoop Dogg, Eminem and Common are among the contributors to Tupac Remembered: Bearing Witness to a Life and Legacy, a new book to be released in February of 2008. Tupac Remembered will feature interviews and first hand accounts from a wide range of rap artists and celebrity notables detailing their memories and personal experiences with ‘Pac. Tupac’s aunt Gloria Cox, friend Molly Monjauze and author Staci Robinson compiled the book. Other contributors and interview subjects include The Outlawz, Talib Kweli, E-40, Treach and poet Maya Angelou. A portion of the profits from the book will help support the Tupac Amauru Shakur Foundation for the Arts.

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  • Bol

    Who thinks this is a good idea? No one?

  • Bol’s A Hater

    BOL your an idiot as usual

  • http://nuezes juan

    they need outkast OUTKAST INTERVIEW IN THE BOOK please.

  • ddubbzz

    Damn Bol, stop talking to yourself

  • Lllim

    cud be sum good stories in there,it’ll probably have sumthin new we dnt know in ther .hopefully

  • dumb

    It makes no sense to have eminem contribute. He has never had an encounter with Pac and has only contributed to ruining Pacs legacy by exec producing a few cd’s.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    It makes no sense to have eminem contribute. He has never had an encounter with Pac,/i>

    Co-sign. Pac died in ’96, Eminem was discovered ’98/99. What the hell can he tell us about Pac that we can’t find out through google. He provides no insight into Pac’s life.


    i like the idea!
    i know treach got some crazy stories about pac.
    snoop should have some good ones too.
    like they say,there is two sides to the story.
    all we saw was the negative stories.
    there was another side of him we didn’t know!
    they should’ve had his wife too.
    they should do the same for biggie too.
    i know there are some crazy stories about b.i.g.!

  • http://none nasir

    thiz great huge fan of pac but please use some cats who really was there.who knows some knowledge about the legend.such as snoop the outlawz treach alot bay area rappers.eminem is irrelevant.

  • nasir

    eminem is irrelevant.use some bay area rappers please.

  • inf

    what can we possibly not knwo about pac how many documentaries and movies and biopics will it take for us to fully discover who tupac was.

  • Fire

    INF speaks the truth. I like Pac’s music and it had a lot of influence on me, but how many movies and books will it take?

  • Tha Ace

    def the outlaws and treach and sure snoop but not the rest especially E-40 cause all he gonna talk about is pac rollin up a blunt at the video shoot lol thats all he ever talks about if its pac

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  • BK4lyfe91

    f.u eminem is close to pac bcuz he’s tha closest ne has gotten to pac lyricalyyyy

  • BK4lyfe91

    f.u eminem is close to pac bcuz he’s tha closest ne ni99a has gotten to pac lyricalyyyy

  • xabza

    Thats dope it brings back our fallen soldier should rest in peace until meet on heven


    Tupac was and always will be the dopest rapper. Gone but never fogotton my boy Pac, im sure theres gona be some good storys. They should have had Scarface in it 2.

  • deandre

    i seen tupac in new mexico…tattoos and everything.him and da people he was wit was hella militant…like he was thepresident or sumthn
    the question is…will he sho up?

    tune in next time…goodnight everybody

  • $Pun$Cho$, F.U. Ent.

    “’96 Big Bodies sittin on chrome”
    And Still I Rise”

  • rezek

    Shady /Aftermath Fans ,Free REGISTER on Da Realest homie board ! da Shady Collectionners!

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  • DIMA


  • DIMA


  • DIMA

    I LOVE CALIFORNIA.WEST COAST.“‘96 Big Bodies sittin on chrome”
    And Still I Rise”

  • dima


  • trupredator

    man yall need to stfu about that em is irrelavant bullshit.yeah he might not have known pac on a personal level.but he came up with people that was close to almost as lyrically gifted as him.met his mom and worked with her on several occaisions,was touched by his music and influenced by it and im sure he has heard alot of stories from these like i said shut up, read, njoy the book and and quit tryin to tear someone down because they didnt know someone on a personal level.haters

  • mr. dreck

    hey watsap homies with the book

  • thug gurl

    oh,i love this idea…it would be great..i’ll buy this book i love Pac :D

  • Amy Lee Smith

    LUV2PAC is what I say…anything even if it is a repeat is still worth remembering! NEVER4GET the Greatest, especially as FINE as 2PAC brought it! Shake it shake it baby, shake it CALI! Ok, Hope N the Book has some NICE pics, preferably without the shirt! Yes, Must have this and geez if SNOOP could like autograph it with a quote…all the better!Memories last a lifetime…maybe longer? SNOOP 4EVER…….LUV2PAC (;

  • John Cauner

    The book is a good read. Check it out.

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    Looking forward to reading more. Great post.Really thank you! Will read on…

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