San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom was scheduled to issue an official proclamation to Snoop Dogg on Friday (October 26), but has now backed out amid controversy over Snoop’s lyrics and criminal record. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Newsom was set to honor Snoop and Perry Mann, founder of the Exotic Erotic Ball, for their contributions to the Healing Circle Soul Support Group. The Doggfather and Mann have donated $47,000 and $45,000 respectively to the group, which offers support for parents who have lost children to violence. Snoop is scheduled to perform at the Exotic Erotic Ball—which is billed as a celebration of “flesh, fetish and fantasy”—on Friday, and Newsom was to present him and Mann with the proclamations at that time. After a community outreach liaison from the mayor’s office informed Mann of the honor through an e-mail, he called a press conference to announce the ceremony. However, when high level officials in the mayor’s office learned of the proclamations, the plan was quashed. The cancellation comes after the mayor’s office raised eyebrows earlier this year when they inadvertently honored a gay porn studio with a proclamation.