San Francisco Mayor Withdraws Snoop Dogg Proclamation Amid Controversy

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom was scheduled to issue an official proclamation to Snoop Dogg on Friday (October 26), but has now backed out amid controversy over Snoop’s lyrics and criminal record. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Newsom was set to honor Snoop and Perry Mann, founder of the Exotic Erotic Ball, for their contributions to the Healing Circle Soul Support Group. The Doggfather and Mann have donated $47,000 and $45,000 respectively to the group, which offers support for parents who have lost children to violence. Snoop is scheduled to perform at the Exotic Erotic Ball—which is billed as a celebration of “flesh, fetish and fantasy”—on Friday, and Newsom was to present him and Mann with the proclamations at that time. After a community outreach liaison from the mayor’s office informed Mann of the honor through an e-mail, he called a press conference to announce the ceremony. However, when high level officials in the mayor’s office learned of the proclamations, the plan was quashed. The cancellation comes after the mayor’s office raised eyebrows earlier this year when they inadvertently honored a gay porn studio with a proclamation.

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  • Fcuk U


  • CHI-W



    dont trip da real San Francisco will back up Snoop

  • D-Town TX

    Another case of black/white. How it is Martha Stewart can get a T.V. show on national T.V. after being convicted of a Federal Felony. But Snoop can’t even get honored when donating to charity(damn shame). Minority’s need to wake up and realize until somebody stands up and “voices out” it will always be like this.

  • Doobie

    Damn I wish I could go to that Ball!

  • Stu

    People need to give Snoop a break.
    Yeah he made mistakes, and is now trying to fix them.

    • Fire

      Exactly. It’s a shame that people don’t want to forgive someone who is trying to change. That’s the nature of society in and out of the rap game, but that doesn’t make it right. Guess people don’t know how to be humble and understanding.

  • anthony

    FUCK newsom he dont do nuthen for the hoods in SF he just come shoot hoops every now and then make it look like he care but when we need em where he at? somewhere cheaten on his wife

    • LLL

      Naw Naw – That chick from CSI miami – LOL!!!
      (for real tho – not only did his office honor a gay porn studio – dude broke up a marrage of someone that worked for his campane & checked himself into an AAA after – dude even had to deny doing coke this past year!!!!)
      Newsome probably does want to honor snoop BUT IT’S ALL P.R. & POLITICS! hE bLOW @ tHE cANNI cLUB – WE KNO this.
      Ya’ll fools can say otherwise – but my folks have pictures!!!lol!

  • Doobie

    “when we need em where he at? somewhere cheaten on his wife”

    That’s sure as heck where I would be!—with one of those unhibited, super open-minded, boundaries and limit pushing, widly adventurous super freaks from the Exotic Erotic Ball!



  • yee

    yaddaa watttttt!

  • joey doe

    snoop can donate millions to any charity and do so much good anywhere through reaching out or whatever and still won’t get any respect from political/community leaders.Because why?? His explicit lyrics? Fuck this country! God Bless America!


    D-tox u are a fucking retard get your shit striaght mother fucker martha Stewart didnt do shit u stupid fuck she was just told some info on some stocks and she pulled out and saved alot of money that should have not went to her money and she got booked on that shit and its fucken nothing anyways motherfucker snoop has been charged for mad shit and being a fucken smoked out 50 year old crip should be one of them charges u fucken pussy there isnt any shit about white and black its about princeapel does he deserve it sure why not hes done alot of shit for people but i can see where these fucken stupid feds are going with that bullshit.. its fucked up but who really gives a fuck about some dumb shit like that anyways

  • TonyBEE

    Upnorthbilly,stop being a race apologizer faggot,stats show that 85% of hate crime are commit by white.There born with hate in there hearts.