saigon.jpgAfter months of delays, problematic sample clearances and promises, Saigon and Atlantic Records have finally set a release date for his highly anticipated debut LP, The Greatest Story Never Told. According to MTV News, the album will hit stores on December 4. "I feel good about the timing, and I'm totally confident about coming in the fourth quarter with the big dogs," Saigon told MTV. Earlier this year, Saigon and the albums executive producer, Just Blaze, went back in forth on their respective blogs over the reasons for the albums delay. At issue was the clearance of a sample for Saigitty’s first single “C’mon Baby.” The track was eventually cleared and a video was shot last month in New York City. Just also premiered a remix of the cut that features Jay-Z during a get together at the Def Jam bosses 40/40 sports bar in Manhattan.