Radio Host Ed Lover Cops to Lesser Charge in Assault Case, Victim Furious

On Tuesday (October 23), Former Yo MTV Raps! host and current Power 105.1 morning show DJ, Ed Lover copped to a charge of disorderly conduct in a case where he was accused of striking a woman during an argument at a nightclub. According to the New York Post, Lover accepted a plea deal offered by prosecutors and will server seven days of community service. Lover was arrested in 2005 and charged with assault and harassment after a scuffle with a woman at the nightclub Duvet in Manhattan. The alleged victim, Letitia Belford, claims Lover punched her in the face as she argued with one of his female associates. As a result of the blow, Belford was treated for a mild concussion and received 20 stitches to her face. Belford, who reportedly had witnesses ready to testify on her behalf, was furious that prosecutors allowed the DJ to get off with a slap on the wrist. However, Lover also had witnesses ready to testify that the blow was made in self defense after the woman threatened him with a glass.

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  • Worley

    Women love to talk sh*t and then hide behind their femininity. Getting your head flown like a man would is all part of equal treatment.

    • Larry Brite

      i’m not touchin’ that with a 100 ft stick

  • krb

    ed lover is a b.a.n. (bitch ass nigga) for hittin a female!

  • Durty


  • Mr.Defrosted
  • Stu

    Dude is a legend.

  • L


  • GregGhost

    Ed lover is a stand up cat-alot of these people feel u owe them something cause u rich and well known- so when they approach u they come at u like they know u & most of them come w/jealousy- lookin for beef so they can get a quick payday-if a woman is man enough to hit-she should be man enough to get hit- Ed aint that type of cat to just haul off & peel a chicks cap word up

  • Greg Ghost

    Ed Lover is a stand up cat-alot of these people think u owe them something when u famous- like they know u- then when something pops off they usually get the bad end of the deal & then they want to sue- yo i look at it like this if she’s man enough to hit-then she should be man enough to get hit Ed aint the type of cat to haul off & ring a chicks bell for no reason hez got to much to lose word up

  • Shan

    That nigga did it and he is making up stories to convince you dumb asses that he is a stand up dude. He ain’t nothing but a bitch.

    BITCH ASS NIGGA … bad my ass!