Prosecutors Withdraw Charges Against Beanie Sigel

Prosecutors in Philadelphia have withdrawn car theft charges against Beanie Sigel after he resolved a dispute over a rented Nissan Altima. Sigel had rented the vehicle from Payless Car Rental in South Philly in July and failed to return the car on when it was due back on August 13. When the vehicle was never returned, Payless reported it as stolen but continued to charge the rapper’s credit card. The vehicle was eventually returned on October 5, but $5,000 in late fees had accumulated. According to the Associated Press, prosecutors withdrew the charges during a preliminary hearing on Thursday. “This essentially was a misunderstanding between the two parties,” said Beanie’s attorney Fortunato Perri, who noted that all outstanding fees have been paid.

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  • http://WWW.REGGAETONPESAO.COM Casketman

    1st bitches

    Fuck Hip Hip police.

  • houston’s finest


  • dean

    thats soft

  • illy for really

    I wonder if they tried calling beans about the car before pressing charges..I doubt it. Niggas cant even rent a car these days hahaha

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    A rented Altima? Who was he renting it for… his baby mama? With five g’s he could’ve bought a nice used nissan! I just don’t get it!

  • Rednose pit bull

    anybody who writes 1st on here is a real stright up little kid…casket man huh? wtf you know about caskets? little kid get off the computer and go work or something….

  • beatz23

    why do you think hes got a rental car????
    obviously yall need to do your homework

    • Da Kid

      True!! Surprised they didnt get him for DAT. Dis niggaz sound so naive, LOL!!


    ^^^Beans put in some work with that car, lol.

  • Forty

    ……Ha,ha,ha, hell yeah he put in some work with that car!!!! The trap car!!!

  • Stu

    Glad it got sorted properly.
    It started to get stupid. Both were in the wrong.

  • Rednose pit bull

    He probley rented the car to be unnoticed..i highly doubt a rich man would rent a car to do dirt in,i mena come one,think about it,that cars still in his name,if he needs a car to do dirt,he would steal one or rent one under someone elses name,but since he rented in his name,it was probley to keep people from bothering him and to keep himself from sticking out….

  • The Boul Philly

    If you know anything about Beans or his reputation you can guess it wasn’t JUST his lawyer who helped him resolve the problem.


    And who were the dumb fucks thinking he was renting the car for his girl or to drive himself. Wtf? Lol.