A concert promoter in Springfield, Ohio has criticized Soulja Boy for encouraging concertgoers to rush the stage during an October 22 performance, calling the move, “unprofessional and amateur adolescent behavior.” According to the State Journal-Register, promoter Terry Byrd of Off Da Chain Entertainment felt the rapper nearly incited a riot when he told the crowd to move up closer to the stage, causing a near stampede at the Prairie Capital Convention Center. By the promoter’s estimates, as many as 1500 fans rushed the stage when Soulja Boy’s manager cut the sound and the rapper yelled out for the crowd to move closer and “and kick it wit’ me to the front of the stage.” Although nobody was seriously injured, at least one young girl was examined by the paramedics after being elbowed in the eye, and several other people were “bumped or scratched.” Byrd also said that Soulja Boy broke a verbal agreement to sign autographs with fans an hour before he was to take the stage, although he did meet with fans after his performance. “I personally want to apologize to anyone who got hurt or feel that they were done wrong,” Byrd to the Journal-Register. Despite his complaints, Byrd commended Soulja Boy for putting on a “dynamite” show and said he feels the real blame lies with the rapper’s management.