Prodigy of Mobb Deep recently called into DJ Whoo Kid’s G-Unit Radio show to speak on his recent conviction on weapons charges and the three and a half year prison sentence he is now facing. The Mobb Deep front man was pulled over in Manhattan last October after making an illegal turn, and was subsequently arrested along with producer The Alchemist when cops found a pistol stashed in his vehicle. “They found a little hammer in my car, so I got a do a little three and a half [years], but I’ll be right back,” P explained sounding reasonably upbeat. He then went on to explain why, after initially denying ownership of the .22 caliber pistol, he later changed his mind and accepted a plea deal. “There was a good chance that I could’ve won, but the cops was lying so much that I didn’t want to fight that. Because once the cops is lying, and the D.A. is believing it, and you got the judge on they side, it’s like...I saw the circumstances and I sat back and I really thought about it and I saw that there was no way I could win.”

P went on to urge listeners to invest in cameras and other surveillance equipment for their vehicles in order to protect themselves from what he sees as a recent increase in racial profiling. He even went so far as to claim that New York cops offered him a chance to setup 50 Cent in exchange for exoneration on his own charges. “They were actually trying to get me to plant evidence in his car,” he explained. “They wanted me to put drugs or guns in his car.”

Despite his impending trip to prison, P promised his fans that he has big plans for the next couple of months, and vowed to stay relevant on the streets through new music during his incarceration. "All [the prosecutors are] doing is making me stronger, they don't even know what they doing," he said. "They making me Malcolm X right now." He even took a minute to take a lighthearted shot at 50 Cent’s recent retail adversary Kanye West. When Whoo Kid wondered if the hip-hop cops were even watching and profiling artists such as Kanye, P commented, “I don’t know if they following that tight clothes ass nigga, but they following me. His clothes is so tight, you can see if he got a gun or not.” Prodigy is scheduled to begin his sentence on January 9.