MTV Arabia Network Launches with Hip-Hop Focus

According to a report in Variety, a new network called MTV Arabia, which will bring MTV’s music programming to the Middle East, will have a large focus on hip-hop. The network, which is a partnership between MTV Networks and Dubai-based Arab Media Group, is importing existing MTV programming like Cribs, Pimp My Ride and Total Request Live, but will also be introducing original Arabic-language productions. The flagship show, Hip Hop Na, is a 12-episode series that will hold auditions for local rappers in seven Mideast cities. The winner from each city will record a track for a soundtrack album. Hip-Hop Na will be hosted by American hip-hop producer Fredwreck (who is of Middle Eastern descent) and Don Legend of Saudi rap group Jeddah Legends. MTV Arabia will begin broadcasting on November 17.

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  • Bol

    Something tells me this is not gonna end well.

  • these posts are racist

    Why is that Byron? Oh, because you’re a biogt.

  • GOD

    So this is the democracy we’re bringin to the Middle East?

  • og bobby j

    i cant wait to see the first middle east rap beef….both rappers will kill themselves in suicdie bombings.

  • jazz

    wow, we got people over there dying and the solution is to put MTV of all things in the middle east. Dudes dont even have a government but hell, they’ll have music about killin americans. the world is comin to an end, ya niggas betta pray…

  • Around and Around

    As a wise man once said: “Byron Crawford is a bitch ass nigga”

    -That’s pretty cool though, will prob. have better Hip Hop programing then BET & MTV here in the states

  • walle


    they put a differnt story every 2 hours
    where TMZ.COM has a differnt story every 2mins.come on feed us rumors,news,anything in the hiphop industury..plzz

  • Mike Patch Fortworth,TX

    Ha haaaaaaaaaa! Now that’s funny! Bobby J you crazy mayne.

  • barbarian at the gate

    I gotta check this.

    hip hop meets the Koran

    You know this is gonna be choice!

    • black-jihad

      hip hop meets the koran also in the usa!
      mos def muslim!
      freeway muslim!
      akon muslim!
      dj khaled muslim!
      lupe fiasco muslim!
      common muslim!
      even among the pionners of hip hop
      like the last poets are muslims!
      chuck d of public ennemy is a muslim!
      nas lyrics are full of islamic influence!

      • Around and Around

        I don’t think Common is Muslim. I saw him at a show talking about ‘Pray for Israel’ no self respecting Muslim would let some shit like that cross their tongue.

  • black-jihad

    you’re so ignorants!there’re hip hop fans all across the world!
    don’t forget that 50cent sold 2millions of his previous album in INDIA only!
    in the middle east people are watching mtv since the 90′s!
    it’s not something new!

  • TonyBee

    All you racist get the fuck off this site.REAL HIP HOPPERS STAY.

  • barbarian at the gate


    You note that Islam was a critical component in forming the basis of hip hop?

    Makes a great deal of sense.

    Always did wonder where hip hop’s pathological obsession with guns, violence, death, drinkin’, fuckin’, and screwin’-off came from and now I have some real insight.

    • black-jihad

      i never said that islam was a critical component in forming the basis of hip hop!
      all i said is there’re a lot of muslims in the rap game!i gave you some names!
      muslims rappers like lupé and mos def ‘re bringing something different to the game!
      they don’t talk about guns,drinking and fucking!

    • Around and Around

      Hey gay bear barbarian you’re a dam bigot. Everything you just listed is counter to Islam… if you really want some insight, but you’d rather be a bigot.

  • jain

    KILLIN AMERICANS?? lmaooo u ppl have no clue , u know wat they want u 2 know , THINK BIGGER , this has nothin 2 do with muslims this z all about music , bt wat can i say yall r gona die with the word racist or ur forheads , dnt be judgin us arabs , we got some talents 2 show