Master P and Romeo Hold “Create a Clean Hip-Hop Video” Contest

master-p.jpgIn their push to clean up hip-hop music, Master P and his son, Romeo, are collaborating with for a unique contest that allows fans to create their own clean hip-hop music video. The contest, which runs from October 3 to 31 on, allows fans to create a free 30-second music video to Master P and Romeo’s new single, “My Life,” off their new album, Miller Boyz: Hip-Hop History. The best video will then be featured on Romeo and P’s MySpace pages. Other select winners will receive copies of Hip-Hop History, P. Miller merchandise and Animoto video credits. “We are thrilled to continue offering our users soundtrack selections by exciting artists like Master P and Romeo and are honored to team up with the father and son due to support their campaign for awareness,” says Brad Jefferson, CEO and co-founder of

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  • kritiq

    fuck this house negro cleaning up hiphop?, only after you have mad millions out of it. fuck this fake ass bitch

  • BossGame
  • durdy burd

    man fuck master pussie and his lil;bitch romeo. DAMN!!! who are we callin romeo? its more like some damn juliete!

  • Jason Murk

    kritiq Says:

    October 3rd, 2007 at 10:43 am
    fuck this house negro cleaning up hiphop?, only after you have mad millions out of it. fuck this fake ass bitch

    I always thought the house negro was the nigga that does everything the white man wants.

    Doesn’t gangsta rap make niggas think that selling drugs, pimping hoes, and killing other niggas is cool? All that shit fucks up the black community even worse, right? And that’s what the white man wants, isn’t it?

    So if Master P is trying to do the opposite of what the white man wants, how the fuck is Master p a house negro?

  • M.E.M.P.H.I.$ NI66A

    mane u hoe ass ni66as aint got nuthin better 2 do than hate?mane go kill urself!that ni66a got a son and he obviously dont want his son 2 go in the same direction he went.wise up cuz u ni66as is lame as hell.yeah that mane got his money and now he tryin 2 make a change 4 his family and the blac community.ya’ll must not of heard bout the boys and girls clubs he bout 2 open round the country.i cant speak 4 everyone but i respect that mane 2 the fullest.u cant be ignorant and stic 2 that dumb shit all ur life especially when u got a family.REAL TALK!!!7-12

  • accurate

    aight, now he talking this Clean rap thing a bit far.

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  • IndyKid7

    There will always be so-called ‘dirty’ hip-hop. Theres no stopping it. It’s freedom of speech and it won’t go away.

    And about the whitey remarks:
    1) I am white and can personally assure you that ‘whitey’ does not wish for the downfall of hip-hop nor does he decide everything that happens
    2) ‘Whitey’ does not hate ‘blackey’. some whites dislike some blacks and the same goes for some blacks disliking some whites

    I say these things because I’m so sick of hearing somebody complain about white people messing up or interfering with hip-hop or the black community. We all must remember that everyone is an individual and that you cant lump anyone into categories.