Local Chicago Rapper, Blaxican, Facing 15 Years in Prison

blaxican.jpgAs previously reported on XXLMag.com, local Chicago rapper, Erick “Blaxican” Jaglicic, was indicted in June for allegedly swindling several people out of $1.6 million. The Herald News reported that Blaxican and his business partner, Brian Falatovich, conned unsuspecting victims out of cash by telling them they were producing a movie called The Record Deal with actor Adam Sandler. Blaxican allegedly persuaded Falatovich to invest in the nonexistent film, and in turn, convinced 18 friends and relatives to contribute money to the project. Now, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that Blaxican’s $450,000 Homer Glen home may be put up for sale by the state in order to pay back the alleged victims. Illinois state officials seized Blaxican’s home in November 2006 and are currently going through court proceedings to sell it. Yesterday, October 10, Will County Judge Richard Siegel set a November 20 court date to hear arguments in the case. In addition, Blaxican will appear in a DuPage County Court next week on 22 counts of theft, three counts of security violations and two counts of wire fraud. Blaxican and his partner, Brian Falatovich, are facing up to 15 years in prison. As if that wasn’t enough, Blaxican, who is currently locked up in a DuPage County Jail, may face an additional five years sentence for allegedly communicating with a witness in his case.

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  • texasleen

    damn whos side is he gonna be on in the pen. the blacks or the mexicans

  • urbanleftbehind

    Dude probably aint black or mexican with that last name of his; he’s probably the last Serbian kid on his old block in South Chigetto and he coudnt pick a side….

  • urbanleftbehind

    dude aint black or mexican with that last name- he probably was the last Serbian kid in South Chighetto and coundnt pick one side…

  • Freddy(Vega$)

    What a clown

  • mexiking

    no way his mexican or close to black,,dude looks like termanology older brother lolol

  • http://xxlmag.com et

    texasleen is funny which side

  • Caine

    Ay, ya’ll crazy as hell! I agree tho, dude don’t look neither Black or Mexican. Funny shit tho…

  • Tense

    blaxican? i aint heard of him but damn…15 yrs is gonna make his back side twitch!

  • TiCaL831

    no es mexicano

  • DOCTOR69

    his name is maricon because hes my boyfriend and youre all wrong hes jewish!

  • http://youtube.com/chicagoblaxicanmusic Chicago Blaxican

    Well this was all very nice to see, thank you all for tha wonderfull comments. For tha record, no, I am not black, just a name they came up with since I was tha only mexican. Yes, I am mexican silly, lol, lol.. :)