During a recent live performance, Nas set of a firestorm of controversy when he announced that the name of his new LP will be "Nigger." Since then, reports have circulated suggesting that Def Jam has no intention of dropping an album with that title, and doesn't even have a Nas LP on their release schedule. MTV News recently caught up with the Queens-bred MC and offered him a chance to clear the air. He explained the meaning of the title and insisted that he is dropping a new project before the year is out.

"We're taking power from the word," he added. "No disrespect to none of them who were part of the civil-rights movement, but some of my n---as in the streets don't know who [civil-rights activist] Medgar Evers was. I love Medgar Evers, but some of the n---as in the streets don't know Medgar Evers, they know who Nas is. And to my older people who don't now who Nas is and who don't know what a street disciple is, stay outta this mutha----in' conversation. We'll talk to you when we're ready. Right now, we're on a whole new movement. We're taking power from that word."