On the new Freeway song "It's Over" (listen to it HERE), Free has some words for his former producer Just Blaze:
"Things just ain't the same for gangstas/But I don't give a fuck, I'm back without a Just track/Tried to reach out and work but he ain't chirp back/But I don't care, I'm here nigga, the beard bigger/Flow strong, the clip long, I air niggas/Lay ’em down flat, stay around straps."

On Just Blaze's blog today, the superproducer responded to the song by simply saying, "I’ll sleep on it for now." However, back in August, when Just first caught wind of Free's verse, he had much more to say:

This isn’t good.. not in terms of me, I don’t care personally.. I mean some of these things rappers have said about me when they think I’m not around or don’t know who I know are pretty crazy/Funny, so I don’t really mind when someone addresses me directly but.. see, here’s the thing… at some point, someone in the press is going to ask me about this new song… and I’m going to have to tell them what the line(s) are about 100% honestly and truthfully… and someone is going to end up looking a little foolish. You know.. "not the sharpest knife" type. I am a loyal guy … almost to a fault.. forget almost. I AM loyal to a fault.. That’s the only way to explain some of my actions, why I work with certain people and not others. I hate that I’ll end up having to be a part of this type of situation, but I’ll be left without a choice. If you are reading this… are you sure you want to go here? with ME?!.. My word game is too strong, and your thought process obviously isn’t.. I deal with facts and numbers, and like the boss Big Homie said… them things dont lie. Strictly Buisness Pt. 2 may be coming sooner than any of us thought after all…

Stay tuned to Just's blog (HERE) to see if he responds further.