Atlanta-based blogger Sandra Rose is reporting that the real reason Jay-Z is so passionate about the new Denzel Washington movie is that he was actually passed over for the lead role, and his request to record the official soundtrack was denied:

A confidential source has revealed the real reason behind Jay Z's "concept" album "American Gangster". The source who is close to Jay Z's camp, said Jay Z was "hurt" and "disappointed" that he didn't get the plum role of the Harlem numbers runner-turned-heroin dealer. The insider also said Jay Z felt slighted when the film's producers nixed his offer to record the soundtrack for the movie.

"He was assed out," said the insider. "They f*cked with his ego big time. Jay is not a man who can take no for an answer." The source also said Jay Z called in favors and tried to pull rank by going to Denzel Washington, who was eventually given the role. "The truth has never been told: Jay Z wanted the role years ago when Universal Studios first purchased the rights to "The Return of Superfly," said the insider, referring to the New York magazine article by Mark Jacobson.

She contiunues:

In September, Jay Z announced his new "concept" album "American Gangster" which he claimed was "inspired by" the movie. "Bullshit," said the source, - "At this point he doesn't want that movie to do well. Why you think all those clear studio copies of the movie are flooding the streets? This the first time a movie ever got bootlegged way before the movie was in the theaters. Only somebody with a studio copy could have done that."

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