LINK: 50 Cent & Lance Bass’ Book Rivalry

With 50 Cent’s new coffee table book 50 x 50 launching on the same day as former NSYNC member Lance Bass’s book Out of Sync, the two authors playfully traded jabs yesterday while out promoting. According to Ben Widdicombe in the New York Daily News, 50 told him, “With me, everything’s a competition, so I bet you the end of next week, I’ll be moving more copies than him…This is the same competition – this is Kanye West and 50 Cent all over again!” In response to 50′s tongue-in-cheek remarks, Bass responded: “50′s going down, that’s all I have to say…50, I don’t want to playa-hate, but there’s a lot that my book has that his doesn’t…I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have any relationships with guys in that book. And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have any space training, either.”

CLICK HERE to read the full Daily News report.

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  • Dat Nigga Henry

    Well this is pretty fucking comical. Bass is a str8 up homie though, he’ll sell more.

    • MTKilla The King

      Homie?????….I hope you mean bass is a homo!!!!……Smh!

  • King J

    DAMN 50
    U Gonna Lose

  • Brent


  • traps n trunks

    whats 50s fascination with going head to head with these sissy boys?

  • Bol

    Bass responded: “50’s going down, that’s all I have to say…

    • the one

      The gay community Is gonna kick 50′s ass. Fall back a little after this one or go full speed ahead. Damn, beaten by a gay guy.

      Bol, your fuckin crazy. I caught that too.

      • anthony

        dude its funny u say that last night i swear to god on my life i seen a flamboyant ass fag beat the shit outta this wanna be “GANGSTA” it was comical dude can you even show ur face after bein beat up by a fag?

        • Cuban Link

          Uh yeah dude there are some gully faggots out there.I know you remember Omar from the Wire.That dude was the wrong one to fuck with, no homo

  • DMAC

    im gonna say 50 will win even doe i dont care about books

  • houston’s finest

    damn 50, you’ve fallen THIS far? beefing with fags? WTF!!!!

  • KingJaffi69

    Who cares as far as the competition is concerned… we all know 50 will sell more units but do we really care? It’s just rehashed and warmed over leftovers. Can anyone say from Pieces to Weight? Get Rich or Die Tryin’? Why does he always try to resell his autobiography? Must he need to remind us at every 10 minute interval who he is?

  • Brendan

    The Onioin wishes they got to this one first.

  • Brendan

    The Onion is crying on this one.

  • mega_tron_201

    50 cent is a marketing genius imo.
    Just an FYI: competition = $$$$
    just in case yall didnt know, 50 cent is aware that compeition equals more money for both artists……..its like FREE marketing and promotion…….everytime Lance Bass gets interviewed on the radio, TV, or magazine…50 cents name and new book will come up ….its common “cents” ahahahaha
    ALSO…if it wasnt for this competition, most of us wouldnt even know 50 cents book was coming out. durrrrrrrrrrr
    ^5 Fifty……you da man imo
    do your thing lil fella >=D

  • KQ

    hahaha 50s probably going to lose this battle too!

  • $crilla

    WTF is lance bass talkin bout…who da fuck wants to read bout him takin dick in da ass or his faggit space training..? dats gon outsell 50? haha..fuck them nstink bitches…lance bass is a fuckin nobody

  • Da kid

    Dam 50 why you even try?

  • wscreepa

    2 HOMOS going at it ….

    Whats next .. Who bustest a nut first when they are butt fucking???

  • Another Gansta vs Fag

    Did dat Punk Ass Sissy lance say “Playa hate” ? lol this shit is funny. Anotha Man to Fag match up and lance will probably win cus America seems to like gay people for some reason.

  • 2wack


  • Tony Blair

    50 is starting to be really really corny… I dont care if this is a book… you do anything for the cameras now… Kanye’s “Flashing Lights” should be your theme song nigga… Get A Bar!

  • Rodjilius

    50′s soundin a bit immature now constantly makin everything a competition but i guess he does stay active that way

  • Rome

    seriously this is some gay shit. wtf would u even waste ur time on that homo. that’s corny

  • Ali

    whats funny is I bet 50 is serious lol

  • mike

    Tap dance curtis, dance bitch ass niggah. Yo, you are the reason white people have no respect for us, you fuckin cornball. Genius, fuck outta here, free promotion, what if a niggah don’t want his free promotion? What do you do then? I know what the streets do.

  • Benito

    50 will loose to a fag…again!

  • noid

    ya’ll are a bunch of idiots.this is a fuckin joke!!!and ya’ll are sitting here talking about a compatition!

  • brebre

    50 loses nothing. he plays multiple games from music to movie to book to stock market to clothing line to sneaker, you moron faggots.

    he loses nothing. LMAO. you niggaz so broke u can’t even imagine how much money he’s making. and how successful he’s.

    now get the fuck off, kanye’s gay dick. oh kanye not gay? but he sure dresses like one. fuck off faggots.

    50 wins. you lose.


    fucking entertainers,50 youll get fucked again fooooooooooooool! my boy kanye killed ya lol,tunji holla @ me baby

  • http://xxlmaG.COM Jay59

    yo 50 is my boy, but I hope he dont lose to another homo. America is really startin to embrace homosexuals ie Lil Wayne, Kanye, Lance Bass. Its the new cool thing to be I guess. The gayer you are the more people love you.

  • Kid Damu

    he’s just looking 4 some1 to beat in something cuz every1 has beat him in everything 50 a bitch puzzy ass moufucka

  • G-Money

    Normally I’d say 50 will win, but with all these white gays in america!!!! i’m not sure! if 50 loses to a faggot, alot of people won’t take him serious any more!