LINK: 50 Cent & Akon Set To Film Video Together

Music video industry website Video Static is reporting that director Jessy Terreo has been booked to shoot the music video for “I’ll Still Kill,” the rumored next single from 50 Cent’s Curtis album. “I’ll Still Kill” was produced by DJ Khalil and features Akon on the hook. Terrero has directed many of 50′s biggest videos, including “Wanksta” and “Candy Shop.”


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  • blu3bl0od

    shud be a pretty sickk videoo..
    songg was off the hoook

    • impecable

      listen dis gonna be a hot video but

      i belive dat it is too many videos f0r an album but 50 is da da best rapper in da game right na besides jay nd nas

      so in all means da video is gonna be off da hook words bond get at me hot new music on there

  • Dopemg

    its a good song the video should be good terrero is a good video director

  • capatodo

    50 sucks

    • sheva

      fuck u 50 i feel bad when people say i look like u,..,.,.,.,.,……

  • Colron

    Great song, great video potential.

  • Hotshzzo

    damn but that song isnt really marketable. Come and go or fire should have been the next single.

  • Shade

    I figured he could have gone with Come and Go as the next single, with it cuttin at the end to movin on up. (I pictured him coming out of the club or the house in CT and then shifting to movin on up).

    Or Fire, with him meeting a girl and then shifting to All of me.

  • Buc

    Dat niga 50 is serious in the rap/hiphop game hes jus so consistent. Whoeva hates on dis is jus wack rather u from da south or uptown dis is goin to ba a banger. G Unit all day BITCHEESSSS

    Wayne aint got nuttin on Fif………………Wat if Gunit was at the hip hop awardz hmmmmmmmmmm???!!!!!!!

  • oz da villain


  • Ben Baller

    download mp3′s off

  • Chocolate Rain

    Curtis was a fire album….the haters in denial.

    fully loaded clip was insane

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  • Pingback: LINK: 50 Cent & Akon Set To Film Video Together

  • Da Kid

    Why dis nigga keep making videos for “Curtis”? what? dis one will make it like the 5th single, damn! song wasnt even all that hot.

  • mike

    Yeah a banger produced by Terror Squad. Fuck outta here. Brothers better see the fake ass shit this dude be doing. DJ Khalid holla, we the best.

  • MAC 50

    hell yeah. this song is straight fire and I was hoping that they’d make it a single. can’t wait for it

  • philosoph

    STRAIGHT FIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEE. as long as the video is crack this will blow up. 50 album is actually straight, haters in denial, i agree.

  • viski

    wow mike you are a dumbass its produced by dj khalil not khalid learn how to read

  • loony T

    Who Cares?

    The song sucks.
    The album sucks.

  • Pat

    damn loony T,

    the song is a banger.
    the album is good.

    go listen to ohio players or any 80s shit if you wanna listen to over the top synths.

    people act like kanye was pushing boundaries with that album…..damn fool.

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  • mook tha Prezadent

    God that’s crazy cuz I jus got on that song and now a video, I’m done 50 bra u go too damn hard fa these cornballs ya digg

  • LLlim

    haha mike you fukin wasp, khaled is terror squad not Khalil….so no your not the best.

  • http://yahoo reno

    this is what i’m talking about song of the year yes yes tell kayne to mach this one i like kayne but this 50 album got way more singles this song right here go shake the streets up the boy akon go hard 50 killed it with the lyrics that gangsta shit derrty!!!!!

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  • http://XXLMAG J Stillen

    Whats he gonna change the title to? Cuz that shit wont get no play with the title “still will kill” I hope it does good cuz I think the song is a fuckin banger. I just dont know if the public will embrace a song like that.





    best song on the album, this should be a double video feature, with Come and Go.

    Last video should be a double feature as well “Touch the sky” and “All of me”.

  • Quintella

    50 cent u r so sexy

  • EReal

    Hell yeah.

  • Cool J

    Oh cool, hopefully the video turns out great. I like that song off the Curtis album.
    $50 instant downladable beats sent to your e-mail with shipped contract. R&B and Hip-Hop!!!

  • BirdsFlySouth

    how many videos dude gone drop. This is #6

  • b-No

    I don’t believe 50 anymore. I can’t even listen to his new CD because he isn’t doing any of hard shit he raps about. And when he raps about money it makes me sick. He dumped down and became part of the MACHINE, next please

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  • noid

    i heard a couple of dj’s saying curtis already sold like 5 million worldwide.word?so why these fools acting like he flopped?kanye is stuck at 2.whats really good?there are 10 hot joints on curtis but i don’t expect closet fans to admit that though!

  • http://50cent rash

    hi dog whats up it cool i want to say hi from all the fijian gays and bitchers drinking with us cool and bula take bcare

  • Petrov

    it is great!