LA Judge Says Diddy Does Not Have to Submit Jewelry Pictures

diddy-1.jpgAn LA judge ruled today (October 10) that Sean “Diddy” Combs does not have to submit pictures of his rings as requested by an attorney representing a man who claims the mogul assaulted him. According to LA’s CBS 2, Superior Court Judge Robert L. Hess denied a motion filed by Gerald Rechnitzer’s attorney requesting photographs of Diddy’s rings and answers to written questions. In March, Rechnitzer filed suit against Diddy seeking an unspecified amount of damages after claiming that the Bad Boy head punched him in the jaw during a dispute at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood following an Oscar Awards after party. The plaintiff’s attorney, Michael M. Marzban, had claimed that the photos were “important and critical to the bio-mechanics of this case.”

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  • daesonesb

    diddy did it

  • hollis

    If you cant poke holes in the helmet, get into a fight with em lol! damn gold diggers w/ their ambulance chasing attorneys

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  • Hold It Down Records

    If Diddy didn’t do it then he would not have a problem submitting the photos.

  • be-eazy


    but if the judge says diddy ain’t gotta submit NO pictures then f%^$ diddy ain’t gon do it… dude jus tryna get paid man… easy target… everybody else tryna get that scrilla from diddy… lolol sloooow down sean! i kno u got bread, but when is enuff, enuff? i bet you tired of all them court dates! and baby momma drama! lol thaz gotta suck…