KRS-One Set to Appear on VH1′s Celebrity Fit Club

XXLMAG.COM has learned that legendary MC KRS-One will appear on the upcoming season of VH1′s Celebrity Fit Club. The network’s reality series, which has already ran for five successful seasons, follows various overweight celebrities as they are split into teams to see who can lose the most weight. KRS follows in the footsteps of rappers like Biz Markie, Bonecrusher, Bizarre, Young MC, Warren G and Da Brat, all of whom have appeared on the show. While the details of the new sixth season remain unclear, a VH1 rep confirmed that the Bronx-bred rapper will be a part of the new cast.

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  • Bol

    Holy shit.

  • Boy Vito!

    Tha Teacha being taught how to lose weight?!?!….ooohh mann…this should be good :p

  • Casey

    This is pathetic…he isn’t even really fat…ridiculous

  • Ali


  • lindalevert

    his nose need to lose some weight

  • AZ40

    he’s going for his nose

  • Jumbalaya

    They should put O’Reilly on this 2. Them 2 livin together would be good tv.


    Yo, I’ve been saying for a minute that heads need to get off his nuts.

    KRS has been a bullshitter longer than Mike Jackson has liked young boys and monkeys.

    How the eff are you going to be Mr. Hip-Hop righteous vegan and let these YTs put you on blast for being fat as hell?

    Have some dignity. Show some courtesy. Stay off the damn TV until you get your weight down.

    KRS is (sucker) number one. Not cosigning his fuckery. Matter of fact, he’s looking like a good candidate for next week’s Hip-Hop obituaries…

    So how you like me now?

    • merda

      phuck you son you’re just a dumb azz cracka asscracka, how you like me now biatch!

  • Dynasty

    Fuck You Underwriter!

  • Math

    The above guy is much stupid than what he syas………..

  • Ass Hat

    having seen him perform live this summer, i’d say the guy’s in pretty good shape already.

  • http://myspace/wilpowermusicproductions Sir Wil

    I personally don’t see anything wrong with KRS losing weight on the show. He is a little big these days and I knew him and Scott back in the B-Boy record days so more power to him. This is Sir Wil of and I’m out.

  • EReal


  • Ryan

    I think it’s great just cause I’m sure it’ll cause at least one hilarious reality tv conflict.

    • Y-D

      krs one should jus retire, he’s already a legend why make ya self look dumb on a tv show that only the half ass old celebs go, DIG ME???

  • fireforreal

    Look who decided to get some major bucks like all the other rappers who talk about other rappers making that global paper.Come on Kris your a coon like all the rest admit it and oh yeah get fit and enjoy those vh1 checks fromt hose corporate crackers that you talk about

  • BK Cyph

    when will Kris give it up?!? First he gets sonned by Nelly (a fight that KRS started BTW) then he says ‘Ye aint hip-hop?!?

    What a Maroon?!?

  • Pretty Tony

    FUCK U




    “i’m hiphop” !



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  • hypestyles

    i fully support the blastmaster in this endeavor. At least we’re getting an intelligent rapper on the show instead of a clown gangsta rapper..

  • Anthony

    I hope this is not True….Not “KRS-One”…Not “The Teacher”…Not “Mr. How to Eat to Live”…Not “Mr I don’t eat Pork”..Not “Mr. A vegetarian, no goat or ham
    or chicken or turkey or hamburger
    ’cause to me that’s suicide self-murder”….etc……You get the point!

  • bex

    man. so many people hatin’. KRS One was the start of hip hop. He was there. It ain’t about having a number one album out now. He IS hip hop. Educate yourselves. And maybe it seems a bit O.D. for him to be on the show, but maybe he’ll be able to shed some light on the true nature of hip hop. It’s an in for a voice. And KRS will always use his voice positively. To those disgruntled fans, don’t lose hope yet. To those haters, get on the ball and study some hip hop.

    Hip is the knowledge.
    Hop is the movement.

  • Trey

    Why do rappers who have made a name for themselves in hip hop feel the need to sell themselves out for a few dollars…First warren g and now krs-one who is going to be next….there is already proof that these reality shows are scripted and re-shoot several takes to cause conflicts and add drama which i thought krs was not down with