Kanye West Reportedly Working on New Michael Jackson Album

kanye-west.jpgKanye West is reportedly set to contribute to pop legend Michael Jackson’s upcoming comeback album. “I’m working on stuff for Michael Jackson,” West recently told London based tabloid The Sun. “If I like a person’s outlet or what a person brings to the table, then I’ll speak to them.” While it is unclear what role ‘Ye will play in the King of Pop’s first new album since 2001’s Invincible, it’s likely Jackson is looking for some of the Chicago native’s signature production. Jackson’s project is shaping up to have a noticeable hip-hop influence. Earlier this year, will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas told Billboard he was doing “a lot of talking on the phone, a lot of brainstorming” with Jackson. Singers Akon and Chris Brown are also rumored to be contributing to the LP.

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  • Trev-O-Negative

    Can’t wait 2 hear da new MJ album ye and will.i.am,plus chris brown and akon,also let’z not 4 get dat he first asked 50 2 collab with him.Everybody know MJ da king uv pop,but it seemz like he gonna try his hand @ hip-hop.DAMN!!! this will b one hell uv a sick stage show!!!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/crillzbeatz Crillz Beatz

    Keep doin’ what u do, hommie!
    Crillz Beatz http://www.myspace.com/crillzbeatz

  • http://xxlmag.com houston’s finest

    michael jackson album>>>>>> jay-z album


    OKay Lets do a Producers Face Off:
    Jermaine Dupri makes beats for Usher 4/5
    Tmbaland makes beats for Justin Timberlake 3/5
    Kanye West makes beats for the REAL Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson 5/5!! We have a Winner. Who is the Better Producer? You Decide.

  • http://myspace.com/loonyt706 loony T

    mike jack might be the only artist who can outsell Kanye on the first week if it works out right. this is big.

  • http://xxlmag.com kevin williams



    I’m still a fan of mike’s music.
    yes he did some fucked up shit,he’s human but when he gets into the studio or on stage,the man can still do the damn thang.
    mike gonna be just like james brown,
    still performing at 60!
    will.i.am has become one of the nicest producers and kanye is still that nigga.
    that explains how he got the sample of “P.Y.T.” for his “Good Life” song.
    i can’t wait for this album.
    maybe he’ll do something with Jay-Z again.
    ya’ll forgot,he did do a song with Biggie!

  • too kool 4 skool

    That biggie and MJ song was aiight

  • http://myspace.com/gmanfantastic G!

    michael jacksons album is like the detox album, a myth in the making! I’ll believe it when it comes out and noone buys it the way nobody is buying anything now.


    My Next 16:
    Yo I spit Bars like Darts at Hearts
    of niggas without figures I eat em like
    no walk in the park, just hard,wet and Soft in the
    Rosa with roaster I sit on the front of the Bus
    to the Driver of the la choca
    like a Regime Change I Dispose
    Rappers is funny so I give a MIC and
    watch em do Comedy
    Brain Dead without a scaple so you stuck with the
    Gloves is darker than Mahoghony
    AssFuckers can’t touch us thats why they into
    check the Rep,Chi City Vet,ride with mi Vest,
    inside City steps
    I pity ye silly guest
    Outsiders we make expire like
    Many Threats
    from niggas sellin a Dream
    repel em with things that propel em to
    unseen Europeans scheme on thee ivory and Ebony Human Beings
    but, they don’t want like UFO’s never abductin
    instructin Facts
    cuttin Flats
    stuffin gats
    like the muffins in the Oven touchin
    grill of the Zeal that we CHOSEN
    Many Men want it , but, like the door when I close it they’re ROASTIN !!!

  • Triple D

    This new MJ album is gonna be fire… I wasn’t feelin “Invincible,” but Michael Jackson is still the king.

  • Deez Nutz

    Ummm…did anyone forget this dude is known for molesting children…how many parents does this man have to pay off…Does Katt Williams have to speak on this again? F*ck Michael and R. Kelly…

  • grapes

    Chicago Papii is a fool who hasn’t heard DP3 snippet. Catch it on hiphopdx.com. XXLMag.com kinda lost because they couldn’t get that shit first. BTW American Gangster is fire, and it COULD beat MJ. MAYBE.

  • Cuban Link

    Wow, after the Massacre, wasnt 50 supposed to work on this?

  • DirtDogggy

    Overhyped bandwagon of Michael the molester here we go, Mike hasn’t had any hits in years and he should bring his old school shit back with old school producers and real instruments/choirs if anything.

    This fucker if more fucked than Britney but he will always sell cause he has a fan base of retards that still think he’s in jackson 5 or the Thriller erra when he could sing and dance plus a billion kids in asia and eroupe that don’t no no better they just hop on the wagon for a ride.

    I mean this character is like 50yo now, can’t dance like he did, so much surgery his voice changed looking like a damn reptile with two slits for a nose and still has his kids walking around in fucking masks and who knows what else he does to them other than hanging them off balconies.

    Get off Mikes pussy this faries dun washed up years ago and is still a possible child molester, he’s to fucking stupid to explain himself so I have to assume it’s true, word to Malcally Kalkan and never never land, extra fruit cakes.(no pedifile)

  • http://xxlmag.com King B

    Fuck M.J.!!! Sick fuck smelling like little boy booty. CHILD MOLESTER!!!!!!1


  • http://www.hip-hopkings.com Stu

    Jacko needs all the help he can get, but I don’t even think Kanye can help him restore his name.

  • D.Ware

    Aint it funny how niggas w/out a dime in da bank,
    Really think a nigga give a damn what they thank!
    Bashin’ this man, swearin’ that he filthy,
    accusations don’t mean shit if you aint been found guilty.
    This man’s a legend, so what if he looks funny,
    Betcha in a game of big bank take lil bank, he’d walkout w/ yo money!
    Give respect where respect is due,
    hell behind closed doors, who knows what u do!
    Sayin’ he’s a chester and calling him sick,
    Y don’t u go back 2 ur closet and stop ridin’ this man DICK!!!

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  • http://aol Nfakamoreno

    yo Timbland and the neptunes should be added to Mj’s project!

  • jm

    simply the king with or without kanye

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  • http://xxl.mag.com sha

    sha: would like to say Michael Is About To blow Up Again mark my words say what you want!Michael is Still The Man Now All You Haters Just Beat It!