jimjones1.jpgAfter much speculation, New York City’s Hot 97 radio gossip queen, Miss Info, has confirmed that Jim Jones is officially leaving Koch Records and has signed a new multimillion-dollar deal with Rick Rubin and Sony Records. “I just left the lawyer’s office,” Jones told Miss Info. “I signed a multimillion dollar joint venture with Sony. My boss is Rick Rubin, and Hip Hop [Kyambo Joshua, former Roc-A-Fella Records A&R] is doing my albums with me. What you think Jay-Z is gonna think about that?” Predictably, Koch Records was not pleased to see one of their biggest starts make the move to Sony, but according to Miss Info, Koch was “broken off nicely.” Nevertheless, Jimmy’s new deal also allows him to bring his Byrdgang Records imprint over to his new home as well. “What’s crazy is that they gave me the same deal that Un and them fucked up back in the day when they got the Sony/Untertainment deal,” Jones said. “I got that joint venture, that 50/50 split. They don’t give those out anymore. That’s a Dame Dash, Ruff Ryders [type of] deal. I’m about to go crazy with it. I’m gonna be a problem.”