Jack Da Juice Conferece Gets Drowned Out By Atlanta’s Hip-Hop Weekend

Somewhere buried in Atlanta last weekend was hip-hop’s most known unknown event, the Jack Da Juice Hip-Hop Music Conference, billed as the unofficial update to the legendary Jack the Rapper conferences of the ’90s. These How Can I Be Down-style networking conventions all but died out in the 20th century after one too many shook hotel executives from Atlanta to Miami got squeamish about their family resorts being taken over.

The Twelve Hotel in Atlanta’s posh Atlantic Station had no worries with their Jack Da Juice guests though. The conference didn’t pull in the thousands they anticipated—a few hundred passed through, with limited celebrity appearances. On Saturday, JDJ got blessed by appearances from Amanda Diva, Jacki-O (who pledged support for Remy Ma and talked about working with former rival Trina), Bonecrusher and Midwest legends Crucial Conflict. Still, the main draws like T-Pain, Akon, and Fabolous were nowhere to be found.

It’s fair to say JDJ got drowned out by the thousand other black events in ATL that weekend: the BET Hip Hop Awards, Def Jam’s concert at Morehouse’s Homecoming, and Louis Farrakhan’s Hip-Hop brunch, just to name a few. T.I.’s arrest didn’t exactly help publicity. Not to mention, the “Taste of Atlanta” was going down right across the street, probably drawing more people away from JDJ than vice versa. Still, JDJ organizers are planning additional events next year in Tokyo and a return to Atlanta. Next year, they may want to consider finding a weekend when nothing else is going on.

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    It’s not that it got drowned out…Its that industry folks are sick of dodgeing the 10,000 unsigned rappers and their wack demos at these type of events. If half these Jigs rapp’n would enroll in college it would swell the classrooms with Black men.

    • garlik breath

      co-sign, lol



  • Gay Freddie


    The new Black male dream…A naked white chick with a 40 oz. in one hand, a bucket of KFC in the other, and a recording contract between her legs – Sad but true!

  • http://XXLMAG.COM SMELLY 305


  • Trapbaby & Caddydaddy

    It was indeed a contreversial weekend on for the Atown rappers. MY ADVICE is right about those unsigned mothafuckas who evade college to milk there pipedreams of being on top. I’m one of those nigga though.

    FREE T.I.

    Touchdown has an official movement: M.O.B. (Money Over Babies) Get Yo Paper up before you stick yo dick in.
    Raw Doggin requires residual.
    pussy is just a wallot without using protection. M.O.B is the next 8732. I’m a pioneer! I’m jewish w/ the dick because the gina spits out babies. Listen to the music!
    Respect da Hood
    Thats Us
    D A H
    912 till the death of me!

    Trapbaby and Caddy daddy
    Savannah Ga
    Touchdowny: We shit on niggas
    Catch Me While I’m a Local Nigga series

  • nappy_pappy

    wow um..yea whatever dat nigga said lol