Foxy Brown Sentenced to 76 Days in Solitary Confinement

As of last week (October 16), incarcerated rapper Foxy Brown has been locked away from the general population after committing three violations while serving her year-long parole violation sentence on Rikers Island, according to the NY Post. The first incident reportedly occurred on October 3, when Foxy and another female inmate started shoving each other while on the way to the dining hall. The next day, Foxy refused to take a random drug test and also became verbally abusive towards a corrections officer. In response to these three incidents, the Department of Justice sentenced the Brooklyn rapper to 76 days in solitary confinement. For only one hour each day, she is still allowed to meet with her lawyer and visitors, as well as go to the library or recreation area. The Post also reports that Foxy could face other disciplinary charges when her refusal to board a bus to a court date is reviewed.

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  • yeah

    damn foxy what u doing? u hurting yaself. chick must be mental or something

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  • morebucks

    this bitch really dont give a fuck i love dat shit in a female i thought she was frontin but she really dont give a fuck

    • Rednose pit bull

      hell naw she really dont! thats sad too because shes rich,and now that money wont do shit for her,al she had to do was lay low and ride out her probation,what a stupid whore

  • H

    foxy you sexy thang get your act straight

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  • johnny blackwell

    Fuck that stupid cunt!

  • mega_tron_201

    foxy still tryin to be like lil kim …
    real sad imo.

  • bizzle

    Foxy would about 3 nose jobs and an extra mile of weave to be like lil kim but otherwise this ho is 7:30…early!

  • Durty

    Foxy just need some goood dick, I got ya conjugal

  • BossGame

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  • BossGame

    Damn philly what’s up with that?

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  • cuzzintizzle

    fox boogie just want some fukin attention
    she need to fukin do her 2 months and shit get out and lie and say itll neva happen again
    like all the other celebs
    then do it again