Foxy Brown Pleads Not Guilty in Assault Case

Foxy Brown finally made it onto a bus from Rikers Island to Brooklyn state Supreme Court for a hearing on her pending assault case today. According to the Associated Press, Brooklyn’s Don Diva arrived at court wearing casual clothing and entered a plea of not guilty on charges of assault, attempted assault, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon. Foxy, is currently serving a one year sentence on Rikers for a probation violation, stands accused of striking her neighbor—Arlene Raymond—during an argument over the volume of the rapper’s car stereo. During today’s hearing, Justice John Ingram extended an order of protection Raymond has against Foxy until December 18, 2008 and ordered her back to court on December 17.

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  • jay

    yo first bitches….

  • AIRIQ28


  • esco

    first bitches!! free foxy

  • joey doe

    Foxy has got to be a dumb broad.
    1.Shes a well off rapper.
    2.Shes got mad props and connects in the music biz.
    3.She could avoid all this ghetto ass non-sense by simply saying.”wait a minute, I’m Fox Boogie, do I really need to put my career in show business in limbo for a $2 whore?
    but of coarse she doesn’t think like that and look where it landed her..the big house.She won’t learn even when she gets out trust that.

  • Cool

    I hope this dark period in her life humbles her when she returns .

  • Playboy Nitty

    Foxy keep ya head up baby. This shit is only gonna make u stronger ma. But when u do get home, keep ya hand up ma and act like these hoe’s is just not on ya level. I still feel like you are the best rapper broad in the game!
    Ya Dig!!!

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  • Alex Boaz Etemesi

    Hi Foxy u shuda notta keep ya head low but hold on strong coz we are all in this together as one as we back here in mother land Kenya just cant stop keep on keeping on supporting your music and any day 4rom now u gonna be reedemed.

  • Alex Boaz Etemesi

    Hi Foxy i think when i posted my last blog over two years ago many thought that you could a never get ya head up again back on track but as a big fun of yours here in East Africas Nairobi Kenya home of Genge Music flourishing like never before we the Genge music family new the silver star never sees to shine for our sister from another mother in the states for it wasnt the end of the candle light in stormy wind.{Genge} is the slang word in kiswahili for Gang mafia kings of East African Rap & Dancehall music.
    by a.k.a Rockerfire