Crime Mob Song Incites Fights at Harvard University

A series of brawls broke out during a party on the Harvard University campus on Saturday night (October 27) after a DJ threw on the controversial Crime Mob song “Knuck If You Buck.” According to the Harvard Crimson, the altercations occurred at an after party for the annual Harvard Society of Black Scientists and Engineers step show. The event, which took place in the University’s Lowell House dining hall, attracted over 400 students from Harvard as well as Boston University, Boston College, MIT and other schools. At around 1:00 a.m., when the DJ played “Knuck If You Buck,” Crime Mob’s crunk anthem that has been blamed for inciting violence in the past, a fight broke out on the dance floor.

“That’s a song where everybody goes wild,” said Jarred Watson, a Northeastern University student and party attendee. “The crowd started touching each other and bumping into each other. Then I saw a whole bunch of people screaming, and I saw people fighting.” The fighting soon spiller out into the Lowell House courtyard while Harvard University Police Department officers tried to quell the situation. Eventually, the HUPD was joined by six state trooper cruisers and several Cambridge police vehicles. Two men were taken into custody in connection with the brawl, but were later released without charges. “Knuck if you Buck” caused controversy in January of 2006 when 16 year-old Baron “Deuce” Braswell II was stabbed to death while the song was playing during a party in Fredericksburg, VA.

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  • Bol

    I think history just turned some sort of corner.



  • nation

    lol you couldn’t put a picture of the kids, or Crime Mob… had to be Haavaad

  • serbian gangster

    Lowell House. That’s where Method man and Redman stayed in How High. Coincidence?

  • bk cyph

    songs dont incite riots- idiots incite riots.

    • Tre Trilla

      Yes it do Bitch, the songs get ur drillin pumpin and then u start to bump eachother and some people dont play like me so watch your response to this and just listen. U might not no nuttin about this cause u have no life… Get at me Biiiiiitch… Lil jon will get somebody head knocked smooooth off too. Bea Bea!

      • Doobie

        “Yes it do Bitch, the songs get ur drillin pumpin”

        LMAO! That’s the funniest response ever! Even if the songs do “get ur drillin pumpin”, pushing and hitting complete strangers in a club is probably not a great idea. Throwing your arms and fist in the air without actually touching someone else should suffice as a more than adequate release for your “drillin”.

        • Tre Trilla

          U sound like u go to Harvard so Im not gone even respond! I cant and will not hate on education epecially one of my own but it just sounds like u protecting ur school!

        • Vuitton Gotti

          ^LOL, Tre Trilla , I agree, because the clubs down here are the same way. I saw the shit time and time again, I mean this dude got knocked to sleep off that song. But Doobie, yeah I agree that it’s not the smartest thing either.

      • Yo

        drillin? Read a book. Bea Bea? damn. Black people sometimes…

        • Tre Trilla

          Well smart ass if it makes u feel better i am a High School Bis-Law teacher and if u dont think so I can send u my sight. I just thought that I can talk to my people. I dont chang fag for no one. Get ya money up Biiiiitch! Also I have 6 houses for sale can u afford one of them, so u go read a book bitch on how to get paid…

          LMAO @ this clown who’s name is Yo hahaha. a yo yo yo huh black people sometimes. Get ya black ass off of this black site then homo.P.S Im not hard to find. Hint Hint!?

        • Tre Trilla

          Also Bea Bea is how one of Lil jon songs went that would get ya head knocked off. U might just listen to Garth brooks or Randy Travis or ja-Rule…. Chump ass YO Yo..

        • nappy_pappy

          wow um… Tre Trilla (whatever the fuck that means) its adrenaline u fuckin idiot…bis-law major? yea right u dont even know the word to the describe the feeling, let alone how to say it…A-dren-a-line u fuckin moron lmao u prolly been “Bucked” too many times during those lil jon songs u so desperately like

        • Tre Trilla

          Nappy_Pappy I think yo Broke ass just want attention Bitch I got bullets the size of Corona Bottles 4 you. I didnt spell everything out cuz i thought we was black on this site… So u dirty broke ass bitch talking that dumb shit U can get ya face decorated with stitches and staples too… If u think Im playing try me. Also u Broke BITCH if u dont believe me about my degree u dumb ass look me up at Grambling class of 03 I played ball first name Trevion I gave my real name cause U dont have the heart to find me Bitch..Get at me

  • j

    Well you want to piss white people off we just did, we went into one of the elite colleges in the US and got student to go nuts. Yeah hiphop is about to really get some heat. This not a black college this Havard where CEO’S of major coorperation graduate from. Billionaire Gates went to this school. Its a rap.

  • Doobie

    Damn, I thought they were supposed to be the smart kids.

    “The crowd started touching each other and bumping into each other. Then I saw a whole bunch of people screaming, and I saw people fighting.”

    There are lots of things that will make me push and fight someone, but a shittely composed song by bunch a shit-for-brains miscreants sure isn’t one of em.

    • smoothyd

      Well apparently YOUR not one of the smart kids…what the fuck is “shittely” and “miscreants” ….why the hell you want to hate on others and your dumb ass making up words!!!!

      • Doobie

        Hey, whoa, hold on there kimosabee.

        “Well apparently YOUR not one of the smart kids.”

        Please…tell me something that I don’t know.

        “what the fuck is “shittely” and “miscreants”

        The suffix “ly” is usually added to convert an adjective into an adverb. I took the adjective “shitty”, converted it and added the suffix “ly” to come up with the adverb “shittely”. So, it was actually more creative embellishment than making up a word per se.

        Miscreant-infidel, heretic, one who behaves criminally or viciously. That’s straight from the dictionary smoothyd, so as much as I’d like to take credit for it, I did not make up the word.

        And that’s my dumb ass “is” making up words” thank you very much.

        • Tre Trilla

          hahahahahaha LMMFAO @ Doobie U Shit on that BITCH smoothyd he is a gay clown anyway. What u bet that Bitch write down what u said and try to use it…hahaha lmao! smoothyd just got played the fuck out. Dumb Biiiitch u!

        • Tre Trilla

          Doobie U still a bitch tho even tho I gave u props

    • Rox

      Keep it real, the students that were engaged in the fight were NOT harvard students. Anybody can get into these parties with a college ID from ANY school…in keepin it even more real, I saw high school aged people there and people who I know for a FACT aren’t even enrolled in college at the moment actin up…see where assumptions get everyone? Any and everyone is capable of getting into a fight here & there, but I highly doubt any harvard students would jeopardize their degrees by starting any fights…they don’t want us in there schools for real anyway – we give them any excuses to get rid of us they’ll take it!

  • SUN

    well that song do get u hype as shit

  • Rockcity

    What the fuck is drillin? dumb ass niggas i swear.

    • Tre Trilla

      Rock City do I have to spell out what drillin stands for, When u text yo BITCH do u spell out the whole word fag???????? Call me what u want but Like I told the last dude i have 6 homes for sale fag so I’m paid Biiiiiatch! Get ya weight, call me dumb but u cant call me BROKE BITCH…

  • Latino Heat

    thats real talk when that shit comes on with a club full of drunk and high muthafuckas u better get the fuck off the floor if u dont wanna get hit. any of that crunk shit, just add drank and u got a problem waitin to happen.

  • andre

    oh i get…..the brawl is crime mob’s fault

  • yoprince

    that nigga said get your “drillin” pumpin.. wow

  • ad

    Hey man I can imagine this shit happening. I was at Harvard this summer and I heard this song and I can imagine this song in the club. Damn. Didn’t know harvard students got down like this.

  • Reptile

    Yeah and not just average students, “Harvard Society of Black Scientists and Engineers”. WTF get out of here. Motherfuckers need to go back to reading books.

    “Drillin pumpin” funny shit, you should be a comedian.

    • Tre Trilla

      Damn Am I in school now, yall clown ass niggas act like u didnt know what it stands for.. When yall send them gay ass text messages to yall bitches or gay boyfriend do yall spell out the whole got damn word??? Huh Hell naw so dont act like u so smart now. I am a teacher in a High school and Im paid bitch I sale half million dollar homes weekly so get ya mutha fuckin weight up and stop actin like u go to harvard, dumb bitch didnt finish High School… P.S Im not hard to find. It’s 504 til the meat sho….. get at me

      • smoothyd

        First off you ass clown, your a high school teacher so no you are not PAID!!! and if your teaching at a school, you dont have no time to be sellin half million dollar homes you homo!!!! and why the hell would you be responding to these comments??? PLAYA….and shortening a word when you text is totally different than using the wrong damn word, how the hell is “drillin” short for adrenaline??? you probably teach finger painting to a bunch of first graders

        • Tre Trilla

          Smoothyd, well smooth who told u that ur smooth another man??? 2nd bitch I make yes only $38,000 yr for teaching but my homes is where the money is u DUMB BROKE BITCH… When u sell a home umm who ever is buying it has to wait for u bitch, so if Im at work then they wait but u wouldnt no nothing about selling homes cause u live in a 1bedroom apt. The only thing u sell is your ass to men HOMO. Also Be real Bitch when I put drillin did u know what I meant or are u a Harvard student and u corrected me? Be real with urself Bitch. I dont change for no one get at me BITCH,notice I call u a bitch alot. No respect for u CLOWN ASS BITCH…

  • Rednose pit bull

    if listening to a song makes you un able to control your self,then you are a weak bitch…anyone who blames a fight on a song is dumb,we fight because people talk shit,we fight because we are drunk,not because of a damn song,thats just a bunch of stupid ass shit

  • Capostatus

    I’ve said it once and will say it again. Southrn country ass rappers are destroying hip hop and never seize to stop embarassing black people’s reputation. Now we just last week saw the same non-sense with that clown Soldier boy. Why can’t these people act civilised and just at least behave in a profesional manner. You never hear this kinda frivilous behavior happening in N.Y If anything go down here its on some real gangster shit. Ya Dig. Step ya game up country boys. Follow in our footsteps and maybe one day u will be able to act accordingly in public.

    • learnfirst

      wow, your comment went hard on the South. Anyways, that song does make people wild out so I can see a fight breakin out from all parts of the world (north, south, east, west). Knuck if you Buck, righttt!

    • Tre Trilla

      Well Bitch if NY is where it’s at then why did the greatest rapper of all time (Pac) leave NY and claim West Coast? Huh Im from New Orleans Bitch call me country Bitch but I bet u wont call me to meet u somewhere????????????

    • DURTY

      I’ve said it once and will say it again. Southrn country ass rappers are destroying hip hop and never seize to stop embarassing black people’s reputation.


      • Tre Trilla

        Damn Durty U handeled that clown ass bitch ass, fag ass, gay ass capostatus. Well Said!!!

  • nellz

    Get ya drillin pumpin….lmao……that shit made my fuckin day

  • anonymous

    That information was taken from the Crimson, which is not a reliable source. Also, there were no Harvard students involved in any of the fights. The party was open to the greater Boston community. No one was injured and the scene was far from a “riot.”

  • anonymous

    Also, the fight did not occur as a response to the song in question. In fact, the altercation occurred much later in the night.

  • sothern printz

    drillin? what the fuck? that is hilarious!!!! don’t u fuckers got spell check… stupid muthafuccaz, PS THAT SONG SUCKS, CRIME MOB DOES TOO! I START KICKIN ASS WHEN IT COMES ON BECAUSE ITS SO FUCKING STUPID SOMEBODY DANCING TO IT NEEDS TO BE PUNCHED!!!

  • Lance

    Capostatus, you are a strange fellow. I don’t believe a word you have said. White people are bigger lunaitics than us. Go on to a video sharing website you’ll see, white people act a fool (and they get way drunker than we do…) I’m from the east coast and I say more southern hip-hop and more east coast hip-hop I want them both!

  • dolo

    I see the community colleges don’t have a monopoly of nigga moments. . . Sorry TPAR

  • dolo

    I see the community colleges don’t have a monopoly on nigga moments. . . Sorry TPAR

  • Lano

    (scracthing head)Harvard?



  • http://Fuckaniggergetajob! KKK

    Why do 80% of all black children grow up without a father?????
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    Why the fuck don’t u all go back to Africa but leave Oprah she about the only one with any sense!

    • Tre Trilla

      hahahaha Im black but I still find this funny cause it’s white bitch ass punks that would neva go to the hood and use that word. I bet U wont say that out loud at a basketball court or in the mall u fag. I bet u tan to be dark as us. I bet u no soldier boy song,I bet u listen to 50cent So bitch be a man and say that to a black man Face and watch u get a quick face lift…..

    • Doobie

      “Why do i turn on Maury and always see niggers acting like niggers????”

      Uh excuse me!…I see a lot of crackas acting like niggers on Maury too.

      “Why did niggers bring AIDS to our wonderful WHITE country?????”

      Come on now KKK, you know WHITE people created AIDS.

      “Why the fuck don’t u all go back to Africa but leave Oprah she about the only one with any sense!”

      Oh come on, you’ve got to admit, those dudes that play that black character on “My Name Is Earl” and that black doctor on “Scrubs” are pretty sharp too!

  • Vuitton Gotti

    AWWW Shit, they play rap at Harvard. That shit surprise me alone. LOL

  • nappy_pappy

    Dis nigga tre trilla yo u so wack u got million dollar homes for sale….in the N.O.??? hahahha no one wants to move down ther thats why u got them shits…if u got em at all…i dont think someone that owns 6 houses would be on here responding to every little comment made about how they cant spell adrenaline

    • Tre Trilla

      Nappy_pappy First off Bitch I dont live In the N.O anymore. 2nd I said My homes are half a million, not In N.O Bitch. Notice I keep calling u a BITCH cause that’s how I feel about u. U c how u said Im on here responding to stuff, well Bitch no matter how much money I got Im not gone change Im still Hood and will Luv to get at u, Not how u want HOMO. It’s Holloween and I wont put on a mask when I walk up on u and start Dumping them HOT Rocks in u… Get it.

      • tree drilla

        He who shouts the most needs his a$$ to be toast. Don’t pick a fight with me cuz I’m a tree hugging gay hippie. Go harass ur nasty litl students, wigging Kedso

      • jazman

        nappy pappy sells houses for his bossman Viking Warrior who got to these shores three thousand years before nappyhead even knew the Earth was round. nappy & friends don’t even know how to build a gat, much less maintain one. By the time you get your plan together, we’ll be driving Buicks to the Moon.

  • Feedn the fire

    U lesbian? Trip out on some track and puttin ur claws out to any1 here. Grr, pussycat!


    That’s a song where everybody goes wild,” said Jarred Watson, a Northeastern University student and party attendee. “The crowd started touching each other and bumping into each other. Then I saw a whole bunch of people screaming, and I saw people fighting.”


  • Da Thick One

    Ok, everybody know dat song gets you hype and shyt, but dat’s no excuse for acting stupid. Sum of them was probably trying to protect theirselves and shyt !!! It’s just sad for all the ones who gotten hurt !!! But it’s life so deal wit it !!!

  • Rox

    I was at that party and knuck if u buck was definitely NOT playing when the fight broke out. If I recall correctly it was party like a rockstar…I didn’t hear knuck if u buck at all that night soooooooo, get the facts straight people!!! The guys were DEFINITELY out of control – which is the real issue – & that should be the sole issue worth addressing.

  • MISTA23

    I was there and was pushin cats when “Knuck When You Buck” was on. The fight that happened occured way later like half an hour later. Dudes were beefin when “I’m So Hood” came on, somebody must of just thrown up the wrong hood. A lot of hood cats were there, not just college students.

  • dj dizmay

    ha beef
    at harvard .lol